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How to make gifs in WhatsApp

GIFs are animated images that, thanks to their popularity, have now become an integral part of online communication: They are supported by all major social networks and messaging apps, and are also available on WhatsApp. If you’re reading this guide right now, it’s probably because you’re interested in this feature but don’t know how to use it, right? Then don’t worry.

How and why do I need advertising in mobile apps?

Presence and advertising on mobile devices are no longer an option, but a necessity to build and maintain a business. More than 80% of users already use mobile technologies. Today, the mobile world is changing interaction, and the developed mobile advertising strategy will help contribute to the business. Strategy is the key to success.

Light bulbs compatible with Google Home

Increasingly popular because they save electricity, smart light bulbs are designed for remote control from a smartphone or using various voice assistance services. If you use Google Home at home, you will need smart light bulbs compatible with this system. In this article, we will see what they are and how to use them with Google Home.

Digital Marketing Assets that You Need to Monitor and Protect

Digital business assets are valuable resources or items owned by a company. The business has many assets that are worth protecting. Items such as cash, accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, and buildings are examples of business assets. The owner of an offline business will never think about handing over the keys to his store to suppliers without proper verification and protection.

Li-Fi is a new wireless technology based on light

Li-Fi is the latest light-powered data transmission technology that is ready to strengthen the existing wireless ecosystem along with Wi-Fi. Li-Fi (a technology that uses light radiation as a channel) provides a wireless method of transmitting information using VLC technology (a technology that allows a light source to transmit information using a light signal) and can be almost 100 times faster than a Wi-Fi connection.

What is Web positioning and why it is so important?

This term is used to denote actions aimed at achieving the highest possible position in Google search results for certain phrases and keywords. This is not a one-time promotion, but a long process. In a few months, the effect of site positioning will be measurable and permanent. Cooperation with an interactive agency and a package of services designed to meet the needs of the company will ensure success.