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Facebook or Instagram: where is advertising more effective?

Facebook Instagram advertising: which channel should I use to attract the target audience? Check out the features of these two platforms. Facebook or Instagram? If you need to create a campaign to promote your brand on social networks, this question inevitably arises. Instagram Facebook ads and Instagram ads belong to the same Meta group since …

Search engine optimization (SEO) analysis

At the moment, freelance exchanges are an excellent platform for starting independent earnings on the Internet, which in itself is a very good help in obtaining additional funds. Thanks to the large-scale development of the network itself and search engines in particular, recently such a phenomenon as search engine optimization or SEO (search engine optimization) …

Digital Marketing Assets that You Need to Monitor and Protect

Digital business assets are valuable resources or items owned by a company. The business has many assets that are worth protecting. Items such as cash, accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, and buildings are examples of business assets. The owner of an offline business will never think about handing over the keys to his store to suppliers without proper verification and protection.

What is Web positioning and why it is so important?

This term is used to denote actions aimed at achieving the highest possible position in Google search results for certain phrases and keywords. This is not a one-time promotion, but a long process. In a few months, the effect of site positioning will be measurable and permanent. Cooperation with an interactive agency and a package of services designed to meet the needs of the company will ensure success.

How to make an introduction in a post that will arouse the reader’s interest?

For digital marketing, the introduction is of great importance, because when the reader processes the text completely and feels satisfied with the information received, the likelihood increases that he will turn to another article and spend more time on the page, which is beneficial for business. After all, he gets to know you much more and at some point may become a client.