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Sleep, eat, move – improve your metabolism

A person’s metabolism is shrouded in myths: some accuse him of being overweight, and others are disappointed because of the inability to influence him. We asked 10 questions to endocrinologist about the effect of metabolism on weight and its relationship with age, nutrition, and sleep. What is metabolism? Metabolism or metabolism is a set of …

Stress effects on the body

Every day we make dozens of decisions. Sometimes we face more difficult choices. How to save a company in a crisis? What actions should we take to reduce the risk of error and minimize the company’s losses? If in the first case, solving the problem does not require a lot of energy from us, then …

How to learn English effectively?

How to learn English faster and easier? Many of us are looking for an answer to this question. Nowadays, English is needed everywhere: at work, at school, or in your free time. Good knowledge of English helps to make new acquaintances and develop comprehensively. In international business, this is one of the most important aspects …

6 factors that can give rise to aggression

Every person at least once in his life has faced emotional outbursts that are not always controllable. Whether it is a defensive reaction to irritating factors, or, conversely, an action aimed at achieving a goal. Does this manifestation come from another person, or is the source of this explosion yourself? The most important thing is …

Belly fat: 7 Common Causes

There are many different reasons why people gain belly fat. Some causes include stress, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition. Many lifestyle changes can help you get rid of unwanted fat, such as reducing stress, increasing activity, and improving nutrition. The fat around the abdomen is known as abdominal obesity.

Lemons in pots: how to grow them

Lemon trees in pots are the perfect plant to have in the garden. Besides the fact that you grow wonderful fruits that you can use in your culinary experiments and already proven recipes, they will make your home more beautiful thanks to the beautiful white flowers blooming in spring and early summer. But what is the best way to take care of lemons in pots?