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Facebook or Instagram: where is advertising more effective?

Facebook Instagram advertising: which channel should I use to attract the target audience? Check out the features of these two platforms. Facebook or Instagram? If you need to create a campaign to promote your brand on social networks, this question inevitably arises. Instagram Facebook ads and Instagram ads belong to the same Meta group since …

Entrepreneur’s Thinking

A lot is being said today about thinking in general… about right thinking, about positive thinking, about creative thinking. By the way, there is even a book by the American psychologist Howard Gardner, which is called “The Structure of the mind. The theory of multiple intelligence”. If this topic is interesting, you can order on …

Digital Marketing Assets that You Need to Monitor and Protect

Digital business assets are valuable resources or items owned by a company. The business has many assets that are worth protecting. Items such as cash, accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, and buildings are examples of business assets. The owner of an offline business will never think about handing over the keys to his store to suppliers without proper verification and protection.

Which methods might be harmful to the promoted resources?

It is necessary to promote the site in search engines, now no one argues with this, and the question of the rationality of such actions has long been out of the question. It is necessary and even necessary to promote if the site needs visitors, customers, and, consequently, profit. It is necessary because its independent appearance on the first pages of search engines as a result of website promotion for more or less competitive queries is almost impossible. The site must start performing the tasks assigned to it with the help of Internet marketing.