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Almost every modern person notices that the Internet is increasingly penetrating the spheres of human activity. Now it is rare to meet a person who would not have access to the Internet, and this is not surprising: universal globalization is making itself felt. The Internet is present at work, on phones and communicators, at home — everywhere. What kind of business to open on the Internet so that it can bring a good profit in the future? What are the current consumer needs and what do people need? What are the problems at the moment that can be solved to get considerable financial income? Let’s take a closer look at all these issues.

Online store

The Internet, at the moment, is a universal market that almost all people of any age have access to. On the Internet, you can sell anything, from books and postcards to weapons, exclusive items, and even cities and islands (a case immediately came to mind when a city in Texas and a submarine in Mexico were sold at an e-Bay online auction). Online sales are significantly beneficial for both sellers and buyers, due to several advantages:

A rich assortment of choices. There are significantly more products in online stores than in official stores.

No need to spend a lot of time searching for the necessary goods, running around the shops of the city.

Fast and convenient payment for goods.

The speed of delivery, as a rule, is also very pleasing. Often, it is possible to wait for goods from, say, the USA or China to be brought to ordinary stores for months, while by contacting a direct supplier, you can purchase goods in just a month and a half.

Nevertheless, there are still more difficulties for sellers when creating online stores. First of all, stores should inspire the customer’s trust in reliability and security. Secondly, it is necessary to create a well-constructed logical scheme for the supply of goods, payment for goods in various ways, and provide conditions for the return of goods. However, it is not necessary to raise the question of how organizing a business on the Internet is difficult and expensive, this is not true.

Online payments

All these difficulties are just nothing when you start thinking about the need to rent retail outlets and so-called showrooms. To attract a client, it is necessary to create a quality service. Trade in online stores in the territory of our countries is just beginning to gain momentum, and over the next 10 years, the current owners of online stores have every chance to become millionaires. Therefore, if you asked me personally what kind of business to open on the Internet, I would answer unequivocally: an online store.


If you constantly forget about the need to buy certain things, or products, or forget to visit a certain place, then your mobile phone can remind you of the need to visit places that you will pass by.

Products and things are far from the only areas where geo service services could be useful. Where else can I use geo service services and how to organize an online business in the field of geolocation?

  • With this service, you can find the nearest ATM, bank branch, currency exchange offices, bars, hospitals, and cafes in any unfamiliar city;
  • The service can send alerts about traffic jams formed ahead of the route and the ways of their nearest detour;
  • A search system for the nearest establishments where discounts are provided.

At the moment, the service market is in its infancy, and developers are just beginning to try the use of these technologies in our market. In a very short time, users will realize how convenient and profitable this service is. For you, in turn, it will be useful to become one of the first to start providing geolocation services.

Health and medicine

Of course, no one is talking about the fact that polyclinics and hospitals are useless. But progress is moving, and it would be useful to introduce some innovations. For example, to create an electronic database of the medical history of each patient. After that, each person has a plastic card, which contains all the information about their medical history. There will be no more problems with outpatient cards — there is no need to constantly rush around with them, store them, and hardly make out the handwriting of the doctor who prescribed certain drugs.

How to organize an online business in the field of healthcare? One of the interesting ideas of Internet business in the field of health and medicine is the creation of online pharmacies for each city. Here is an example: a pharmacy on the Internet is connected with official suppliers, has a license to operate, and supplies are made directly from the manufacturer. Users have the opportunity to choose the necessary drugs in an online pharmacy, provided that all the drugs necessary for use, including those sold exclusively by prescription, are prescribed on their medical history card.

There are also a lot of services with which you can conduct online consultations with doctors. An interesting idea would be to create a website where you can make training and nutrition programs for different sports, taking into account the physical data of each person.

Public services

As practice shows, the state maintains insufficient communication with its citizens via the Internet. Of course, there have been repeated attempts to create a website that can be a kind of bridge between the government and ordinary citizens. Nevertheless, it would be more effective to take the initiative into your own hands. It would seem that how to organize a business on the Internet that will be connected with the state? What is it about? However, such an Internet project can be very useful and profitable.

There have been online reporting to the tax and pension fund for a long time, so why not try to create something similar in terms of relations with the government? It would be very useful for people to use services where they could contact the municipal authorities and inform them about certain violations, report on the degree of dilapidation of houses or adjacent territories, monitor the latest changes in the distribution of budget funds, etc.


According to the forecasts of most analysts, the demand for electronic government services will expand significantly, so it is advisable to start thinking about developing services that would allow government agencies to interact not only with each other and citizens but also with each other.


The secrets of Internet business are not such secrets as they might seem. The whole point is only the ability to come up with a certain idea and the ability to implement it. And this article offers the best options for business ideas on the Internet, which are aimed not just to throw money away, but to multiply them. Therefore, if you have the opportunity — try, try and dare, and in your affairs, there will be only success and luck!

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