Canberra Day – the capital of Australia

There are a lot of legends in the history of the development of Australia, which few countries can “boast” of. The massive “arrival” of Europeans in Australia began in the XVIII century. There was enough space for everyone there, but the east coast of the ocean became the most favorable. Beautiful nature, “eternal” warmth, the sea. And, complete freedom, what else is needed for life?


People began to master it so quickly that it soon became an “earthly paradise”. The cities were small, except for two. Melbourne and Sydney turned into two million megacities in the blink of an eye.

Why did they choose Canberra as the capital of Australia?

In 1908 the site of the nation’s capital was chosen as a compromise between rival cities, Sydney (NSW) and Melbourne (Vic). It was decided that Canberra was to be a wholly planned city.

And when the question of the capital of Australia arose, then such a “war” began between them for the primacy of being it. That if it had not been for the reasonable decision of the Australian government of those years, it is not known how all this would have ended. They clearly understood that this struggle would not lead to anything good, but would only aggravate the situation, and possibly split united Australia into two parts! Then the government made the only right decision – to build a completely new city separately from Melbourne and Sydney, and it will be the capital of Australia.

So, the current capital of Canberra was “born”! It was deliberately “deepened” into the center of the mainland, choosing the greenest and most picturesque place. It was built exclusively as a capital city. Everything is geometrically straight, government buildings, majestic monuments of Australia’s glory, no-frills, only business rigor, and the special, solid beauty of the true capital! The dispute was finally resolved, and now Canberra Day is the main national holiday of Australia. So, from the rivalry of two “monsters”, perhaps the most beautiful and true capital in the world appeared! To see more please visit Travel & Tourism.

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