Working from home. Remote work as a virtual assistant

Working as a virtual assistant or VA (from the English virtual assistant), as this position is called in another way, can include a very diverse list of tasks and functions. Today, many companies hire virtual assistants if they need help in solving various administrative tasks, such as email processing, scheduling, planning a working day for a manager, data entry, and various technical support, etc.

It is often easier for an employer to hire a full-time, part-time, or freelance remote employee than to equip a special workplace or office for an employee. Moreover, a company can often be “scattered” in different cities and even countries or not have a physical office in principle.

Virtual Assistant, work from anywhere

Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is an ideal job at home for busy people. Who want to leave their main job or they may have to quit due to some factors beyond their control.

Depending on the employer and the type of work, the tasks of the virtual assistant include:

  • managing social networks, blogging, or company pages;
  • work on processing emails or requests;
  • the creation of mailing lists to the mail of counterparties or clients;
  • transcription of conference calls;
  • preparation of presentations;
  • consultations or answers to customer questions (for example, customer technical support);
  • many other tasks focused on customer service.

How much do virtual assistants earn?

It primarily depends on the specific employer. As a rule, the salary of a virtual assistant is comparable to the salary of a similar position offline. Since the position of a virtual assistant covers many skills, the income that can be obtained varies greatly.

Almost anyone can become a virtual assistant, regardless of gender, age, and city of residence. To understand how to become a virtual assistant, you can first look for suitable vacancies and familiarize yourself with the requirements. Also, on this issue, you can consult with the employer who has opened a vacancy to understand, how much work he needs, and what exactly he is waiting for.

Virtual Assistant

How do I find a job as a virtual assistant?

As a rule, a virtual assistant vacancy can be posted on resources for freelancers, for example,,, and others. Although, now it is not uncommon to find a vacancy for a remote assistant on any online bulletin board or on a website for finding a classic offline job.

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