Which methods might be harmful to the promoted resources?

It is necessary to promote the site in search engines, now no one argues with this, and the question of the rationality of such actions has long been out of the question. It is necessary and even necessary to promote if the site needs visitors, customers, and, consequently, profit. It is necessary methods because its independent appearance on the first pages of search engines as a result of website promotion for more or less competitive queries is almost impossible. The site must start performing the tasks assigned to it with the help of Internet marketing.

Optimization methods

However, this can be done in various ways – really optimizing the site and making it as convenient as possible for both the user and the search engine, or using the imperfection of existing search algorithms. The latter methods, although they allow you to promote the site in the search engine for a certain period, are considered illegal and can lead to a decrease in the site’s rating or even its exclusion from the ranking.

Optimizing the search engine

Although some of them do not belong to strictly prohibited methods of website promotion, their use is not welcome and is strongly suppressed, in addition, the improvement of search algorithms leads to the fact that they gradually lose their value and pay off less and less. It is better to completely abandon the search engine optimization methods listed below in order not to depend on changes in algorithms.

The use of non–unique content – it is not necessary to fill your site with content taken from the pages of another site, such filling will lead to the fact that the search engine, having detected duplication, will simply transfer the site to additional output lists. The algorithms for finding matches are gradually being improved and today the use of duplicate content is practically useless.


Doorways are pages designed specifically for optimizing websites for a specific keyword or phrase. The user, once on such a page, is automatically redirected to another site. Even though doorways are often considered an effective and inexpensive way to optimize sites, the discovery of such a doorway threatens the site with a ban. He will simply be excluded from the issue lists completely, and there will be no question of promoting sites on the Internet.

Designer’s two-screen setup, Greenville, United States


Cloaking — content substitution – using one text for the user and another for the search engine. Search engines treat such sites as spam and exclude them from the search results. According to the developers of search engines, the pages that the user sees and the search engine should match. Although cloaking has some advantages in site optimization, its use is becoming increasingly risky, therefore unjustified.


Frames are an outdated way of building a site, it is not forbidden, but it makes indexing a site very difficult since the search robot treats a page as a set of separate pages, such documents often simply fall out of indexing. Today, there are other technical possibilities for creating such sites, and Internet marketing is gradually abandoning the use of frames.

Prohibited methods

In addition to explicitly prohibited methods, there are several loopholes that optimizers can use in promotion, however, like all illegal methods of advertising on the Internet, they can cause a noticeable decrease in the rating for the site, so they are not recommended for use:

  • It is not necessary to fill the site with text that is not visible on the background of the page or written in font 0 sizes, to increase the density of keywords.
  • Do not repeat the same keywords in meta tags several times.
  • It is undesirable to participate in the link–washing – special sites created to fill links to other sites.
Planning how to promote without harm

All these methods of website promotion gradually lose their meaning with the improvement of search engines. This means that users will receive more and more high-quality and interesting sites when searching, coming from advertising on the Internet.

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