Which antivirus is better than all the others

We all know that we need to protect ourselves. . . Yes, you thought right. On the Internet, it is necessary to protect yourself from the encroachments of all sorts of cunning types who are eager to acquire any private information. And so that this does not happen or to minimize this possibility, the user himself must take care of it, especially for those who actively use the Internet.

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It is not worth going thoughtlessly on the Internet to where a bright flashing block with advertising beckons, perhaps a virus is hiding behind such a colorful banner! The use of e-mail can also be a reason for the penetration of a third party on the user’s machine. This happens when the owner of the mailbox absolutely does not hesitate to read the letters of unknown senders and follows the links “kindly” provided to him in this letter. Such emails are called spam. And even more so, you should not download anything from these letters to your computer, there will be problems later, mom, do not grieve! All these are elementary precautions that every user is recommended to follow.

Protecting information

To ease our fate a little and remove some of the burdens of protecting their information, people have come up with various antivirus programs that, according to their idea, are obliged to protect users’ computers from external attacks, of course, subject to the rules of precaution by the computer owners themselves. In addition to separately installed antiviruses, operating systems have their built-in protection system, the so-called firewall. Its purpose is also to ensure the security of the computer, therefore, disabling it is not recommended. Drawing parallels between a firewall and antiviruses, we must pay tribute to antivirus programs, since they protect to a greater extent, but this is understandable because they are designed for this. Although a set of antivirus software and an enabled firewall is a good barrier to penetration into a computer without the knowledge of its owner.

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There are a large number of antivirus programs and each manufacturer of a particular program is trying to prove to its potential customers that its antivirus is better than all the others combined. Well, I think it’s not worth convincing the authors of antiviruses to the contrary, let them believe that this is the way it is. It’s up to us, the users, to decide which antivirus program is worse and which is better. Personally, my opinion is that there are no perfect antiviruses, I was convinced of this by my own experience through trial and error.

In my opinion, antiviruses can be divided into timider and less intelligent, and illegible, the latter, I think, should be used with special caution, since when a virus is detected in a system file, the antivirus takes it down along with the file needed by the operating system and that’s it, the system is broken.
There is only one thing to say with absolute certainty: “The computer needs an antivirus! “. This is especially true for Internet users. There are millions of viruses on the network, and no one can guarantee that any of them will not get to the home computer. There are, of course, people who don’t care what they have in the car, but this is rather an exception. The actions of viruses are diverse. This is the theft of personal data of the owner of the computer and the zombification of the machine, that is, your computer becomes like a transshipment point, in this way, for example, worms spread through e-mail.

Antivirus protection system

Reading various forums, and comments, I did not see a consensus on which antivirus provides the best protection for the system. Often the user praises his antivirus program and criticizes someone else’s. But, I’m sure, this happens for the time being until some Trojan knocks on the screen of his monitor to such a homegrown antivirus critic and shows him the naked ass of a naked girl with an offer to send an SMS to a certain number. Here, the user grabs his head and begins to look for a solution to the problem, while not forgetting to swear at his vaunted super-duper antivirus. The question arises: “Where are the developers of antivirus programs looking? Their product is quietly smoking on the sidelines while viruses storm our machines! ! ! Help me! ! ! “. Perhaps I will try to answer this question.

It’s all about us, the users. We lose vigilance and load any free junk from the Internet along with the infection, although sometimes antiviruses warn us about it. Take at least the now-popular infection that blocks the computer and asks you to send an SMS. Do not scold the antivirus here, it has absolutely nothing to do with it. In most cases, this is our fault, for example, when watching videos online, of course, there are other ways, but I will say this. So, we wanted to watch some movie, went to the right site, found the video we needed, and clicked on view. It seems to be everything, you can watch, but no, on the monitor screen we see a window in which it is written in black and white that you need to install the necessary software to watch this video, for example, FLASH PLAYER. Yes, no problem, click install.

Only when installing such fake software, do we skip the installation conditions. And it says that as payment for viewing, the user will be presented with the display of advertising banners on the computer for a certain amount of time. That’s all. In the end, after watching the video we need, we enjoy the sight of naked aunts on our monitor screen. And the antivirus has nothing to do with it, we are allowed to install everything necessary to view our video.

We installed and agreed to all the conditions ourselves, no one tried to get into our computer without our participation. So you need to be more vigilant and not rush from site to site, and even more so not download unknown software. Speaking of software. The FLASH PLAYER distribution downloaded from the official website weighs more than 1Mb, and the one that is offered to download to watch a free video is measured in only kilobytes, which, for those who do not know, is much less than the official ADOBE FLASH PLAYER. So, you should not risk the health of your computer and your health too, you need to watch what you download and install.

To prevent and check your antivirus, you can check your computer for threats using an antivirus scanner. For example, a scanner from Dr. WEB is a free Dr. healing utility. Web CureIt, or Kaspersky Lab scanner – Kaspersky Online Scanner. Scanners are not antivirus programs and will not protect your computer from penetration, they only detect and remove threats that have already penetrated, which may have been missed by the installed antivirus.

Summing up this article, I would like to remind you once again that the security of personal data depends entirely on the user himself. The rashness of actions and elementary inattention will necessarily lead sooner or later to undesirable consequences.

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