The main reasons why hair falls out

Dark tufts of fallen hair at the bottom of the bathroom or on the pillow case suggest why women’s hair falls out. It is good if you notice this trend in time and consult a doctor in search of the cause of frequent hair loss.

Hair loss

If you think such a spectacle is completely normal, then we have to upset you – you have obvious problems with the health of your hair. And the sooner you start doing something to fix it, the better for you and your head. Today we will talk about the most common reasons explaining why women’s hair falls out.

You have experienced physical stress

It could have been a surgical operation, a car accident, a serious illness, or the prolonged flu. All this negatively affects the health of the hair and can lead to its loss. As a rule, hair begins to fall out within 3-6 months after such physical stress. But do not worry, over time, when your body comes to its senses, hair growth will improve and you will visit your favorite hairdresser again as often as you wish.

Pregnancy is a common reason explaining why women’s hair falls out. Although for some women pregnancy means problems with hair health, including deterioration of their quality and loss, it’s worth it, you agree. After all, everything will pass exactly at the moment when your baby is born and then you will no longer care why women’s hair falls out. Just don’t let the baby play with your hair if you don’t want to lose a good part of your curls again.

You have overdone vitamin A

Excessive intake of vitamin A can cause disorders in the health of the hair. When starting to drink regular vitamin supplements, remember that the daily dose of vitamin A for adults is up to 5,000 international units. Preparations with vitamins can contain different dosages, plus, do not forget that you get some of this vitamin with food.

You consume little protein – another reason for hair loss. When our body receives an insufficient amount of the necessary protein, it begins to save on the expenditure of this building material and can stop wasting energy on hair growth. That’s why women’s hair falls out. To avoid this, just start eating more white meat and fish.

You have problems with hormonal background

And again we return to why women’s hair falls out. The fact is that various hormonal disorders in women can lead to hair loss. This may be due to pregnancy, menopause, taking birth control pills, menstrual disorders, and so on. Contact your gynecologist to determine the true cause of this symptom.

You have suffered an emotional blow

Many people notice hair health problems after they have experienced a severe loss of a loved one, divorce, dismissal from work, or a natural disaster. Do not despair, hair growth will improve again as soon as your emotional state returns to normal.

You have anemia

One in ten women aged 20 to 49 years suffers from iron deficiency. Here’s an explanation for why women’s hair falls out. It is quite simple to treat such a condition: first of all, you need to take a blood test for hemoglobin levels and after evaluating its results by a doctor, start drinking drugs containing iron, as well as add red meat and liver to your diet.


A similar condition occurs when the thyroid gland does not work properly. It is she who responds to proper metabolism, growth, and development. When the thyroid gland begins to fail, failures in the health of the hair begin. You can eliminate this problem yourself, it is enough to visit a doctor and start taking special medications that regulate the functioning of the thyroid gland.

You suffer from vitamin B deficiency

The deficiency of this trace element can provoke hair loss and other health problems. To fix this, start taking vitamin supplements, and include more fatty fish, lean meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts in your diet. All these products will make up for the lack of vitamin B and your hair will shine with beauty and health again.

Your immunity has failed


In rare cases, women lose their hair due to an attack on the immune system. That is, due to incomprehensible failures in immunity, our body begins to perceive its hair as a threat and simply gets rid of them. Science calls this process focal alopecia. The causes of this condition are unknown, but it does not pose a threat to health and is successfully treated with steroid injections.

You have lupus

This autoimmune disease can lead to hair loss, which, unfortunately, no longer grows. The problem lies in the same immune cells that mistakenly attack the hair follicles, causing baldness and other hair health problems. The only way out in this case is a well-chosen wig.

You have lost a lot of weight

And since a sharp change in weight is a stress for our body, that hair loss is likely only a response of our body. Be patient, in a few months, if your weight does not fluctuate, the hair will stop falling out and everything will return to normal.

weight loss might be a reason of hair loss

Are you taking antidepressants?

Or blood thinning drugs. Both, in some cases, can be the reason why women’s hair falls out. Consult with your doctor. He can replace the medicine with a safer analog or simply reduce the dose. In any case, you need to change something so as not to be completely hairless.

You go to the hairdresser too often

Of course, beauty requires sacrifices, but not sacrifices on the part of hair health. Frequent styling using hot curls, irons, and a hot hair dryer, as well as tight bunches, dreads, and African pigtails can lead to hair loss.

Therefore, throw away the curling iron, try not to use a hair dryer, and rub natural masks into the scalp more often.

We hope that in our list of reasons why women’s hair falls out, you managed to find one that explains your condition. Consult a doctor to find the right treatment and then your hair will always be with you.

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