The importance of the human soul and body

Tibetan monks live in the mountains, eat natural foods, do not use any chemicals, do not forget about yoga, and meditation, and throughout this time they remain healthy and strong in body. Otherwise, how can one explain the amazing vitality of Tibetan monks? In this article, we will talk about the human spirit, material, and spiritual values, and self-belief.

Human spirit

In the battle of magicians, there is always an element of luck, training, and good preparation. In the arsenal of the Western magician, several systems are often used for successful duels. As a rule, only three types of weapons have truly magical power: a staff, a magic wand, and a treasure sword.

It is important for every person that the spirit is clean, and that the body is constantly protected and restored. In the pursuit of material benefits, we forget about the main thing — the spiritual component of a person. We do not use either what belongs to us, or the opportunities that we own with you. Losing the spiritual principle and closing the spiritual eye, we cease to see our way in life and, accordingly, we cannot open the way to happiness. If you feel the strength and makings of a psychic, then you have a long way to go in this area of knowledge, improving your skills, and spiritual growth.

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The article “Light your star” gives instructions on how to teach a child to see and feel his soul, teach him to see the light, and rejoice. This is what a child needs to develop his inner potential. If a child is placed from birth in conditions that are not inherent in him, he will feel inferior. Therefore, it is very important how you raise your child, and how he brings you up. To achieve harmony in life, you need to know what you carry in yourself:

What can be an obstacle to the fulfillment of desires?

We all live in a passionate world. And we experience all the passions here and now. If a person knows how to comprehend his desires and does not treat his desires lightly, they are always fulfilled. It often happens that by the word “I want” we do not mean what we constantly think about, but what we are afraid of. A person is most often afraid that his wishes will not be fulfilled.

A person should live in such a way that any of his wishes will be fulfilled in the shortest possible time. Gone are the days when people were happy to get what they wanted.

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