The beautiful island of Borneo

Southeast Asia is one of the most exotic regions of our planet, with incredibly beautiful nature, as well as able to boast of indescribable landscapes and excellent conditions for the recreation of millions of people. Therefore, the island of Borneo, also known as Kalimantan, simply could not help but be here. This place is unique in almost everything that characterizes it. Firstly, it is one of the largest islands on Earth. Secondly, it is divided between three states at once. Well, and thirdly, there is everything for recreation: indescribable beauty, always a very warm sea and many interesting places.

Borneo, Malaysia

Rare places in Borneo

The island of Borneo is famous not for some famous buildings or deep traces of history. Here, nature has done everything for a person. Borneo is an island of dense primeval jungles, amazing caves and mountains, and rare flora and fauna. Such a large island is naturally full of beaches. At the same time, they are always calm and there are no big waves, from which coral reefs are scattered everywhere save.

The northern part of the island is East Malaysia (approximately 30% of the island’s territory), which is sparsely populated. Sabah state, also known as “the land below the wind”, is located below the zone of tropical cyclones, therefore it is very popular among millions of tourists. This part of Borneo is also famous for the white sand on the beaches, beautiful gambling parks where excursions go, and many small islands along the coastline.

Diving in Borneo

Transparent sea water attracts fans of scuba diving with coral reefs, but still, the main feature of Sabah is those very small islands to which boats constantly ply. It is on these pieces of land in the middle of the fascinating sea surface that most visitors prefer to spend their holidays. There are enough islands for everyone – some are a few minutes “drive away”, others take half an hour to get to, but those who wish are always there. Therefore, by the way, many hotels do not have fixed beaches on the island. Just like that, a simple road to the beach every day will allow you to discover something new and interesting, as well as get new impressions.


You can climb a mountain or climb long winding caves in a mountainous area near Mount Kinabalu, near the state capital. This mountain is the highest point in Asia from the Himalayas to New Zealand. The local dense forests are also full of rare representatives of the animal and plant world. Fauna lovers can visit the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center and the Turtle Island Nature Reserve.

Guides of the island

Very interesting excursions to Borneo introduce tourists to the life of aboriginal fishermen, which has not changed for centuries. The boat will take you to the dense, seemingly impassable mangroves, where the dwellings of the indigenous population are right on the water. The capital of the state, Kota Kinabalu, with its beautiful promenade and entertaining walks, will meet you in a more civilized way.

Borneo island

Malaysia’s second state in Borneo, Sarawak, is even larger than Sabah. This is a land of dense wild jungles that will take you to a completely different unusual world. Anyone who comes here has the opportunity to spend the night in the heart of the Malaysian forests. You can also meet and chat with local tribes that are friendly to guests. In some parts of the state, you will be taken by helicopter or plane, as it is simply impossible to walk through the thickets. The caves of Sarawak are especially valuable because the remains of the most ancient man of all Asia were found here – his age was about 40 thousand years. In short, an excursion to the caves will be an unforgettable experience.

These two states are only the Malaysian part of Borneo, but how many interesting and beautiful things they keep on their land! Borneo is comparable in natural resources, for example, with the Amazon Valley. Here you can understand what real wildlife is, feel a completely different atmosphere and at the same time have a great time lying on the beach and swimming in warm water.

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