The ability to enjoy the life

On vacation, relaxing by the sea, it is very interesting to watch people. You are lying, basking in the sun, and something is happening around you. I am always amazed by couples who, even on vacation, manage conflict all the time. Quarrels, nagging, constant bickering. It would seem that people have come to paradise on earth: white sand, all-inclusive food, everything that the soul desires. But somehow something always turns out to be wrong. What prevents such people from enjoying life? I think their perception of the world.

Vacation, lyuing in the sun

The joy of my life

And once on vacation, I had a chance to observe a completely different story. Back in the restaurant, I heard a very touching conversation and drew attention to a beautiful girl in a very “interesting” position who was talking to her husband. And in the evening, a contest “Mr. and Mrs. …” was held at the hotel. Despite the impressive tummy, this couple decided to participate in the “threesome” contest. And what came of it?

During the presentation of the participants to the audience, the first thing the husband said about how he adores his wife Winky, the most charming girl in the world. And these were not just beautiful words, they looked at each other with tenderness in their eyes and shone with happiness. I would like to clarify that the couple was not at the peak of the candy-bouquet period. In addition to the baby in her stomach, another child was waiting for them at home with her grandmother.

The best couple

And then the contests started. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything more amazing in my life. All the participants were selected as per order. But this couple… Have you ever seen a girl in the eighth month of pregnancy dancing a very sensual dance for her husband, as he then crawls to her on his knees, with a rose in his teeth? And the image of a couple of animals in love. Honestly, I laughed to tears and admired it. I think this is just the case when with a nice paradise and in a hut. Is it compatibility or just the ability to enjoy life and love?

There is happiness

Pure mutual true love is the greatest happiness in life. But there are much more reasons for joy. Honestly, sometimes people who live from problem to problem are amazed. In any situation, they find a reason to worry. They have a job, but they would like more money, they have a loved one, but they would like to be loved more. They are looking and waiting, or just constantly waiting for something to change someday. I have already told you about where desires lead. Even if one of them is miraculously fulfilled, another will simply appear, and everything will not work out to enjoy life. When will they all be fulfilled?

Just don’t think that dreaming is bad. No, it is necessary to strive, set goals, move forward in life, look for motives, and encourage yourself to achievements and achievements. But it is important not to wait for a bright future, but to feel happy every second of your life, here and now.

From all of the above, we can draw a logical conclusion: the joy of life is not outside, but inside, in your head, in your thoughts. Moreover, if you have noticed an excessively pessimistic attitude towards life, you should not think that this is irreparable. Every person can sometimes lower his hands, and then get up and continue on his way. And I hasten to please you, the ability to enjoy life is the same habit as a morning jog. At first, it’s difficult and you don’t want to, and then you can’t live without it. It’s only important to get started.

Jarritos and Friends enjoying

If you have a habit of keeping a diary or a diary, it is very good to write down 5 good joyful moments every day. This is one of the techniques of a positive worldview, which allows you to strive for a state of inner harmony and deal with stressful situations.

It is important to learn to see the right side of the coin. You can find something positive in every event. Sometimes it’s not easy, but you can do it! Be able to enjoy life and feel how you are filled with light and warm everything around.

You never know what and how will turn out in this life. Therefore, the main thing is not to stop rejoicing!

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