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Search engine optimization (SEO) analysis

At the moment, freelance exchanges are an excellent platform for starting independent earnings on the Internet, which in itself is a very good help in obtaining additional funds. Thanks to the large-scale development of the network itself and search engines in particular, recently such a phenomenon as search engine optimization or SEO (search engine optimization) …

The key to success in business

For beginners, I will explain that the best names for a brand are words that are capacious, easy to pronounce, and memorable because they have a high mnemonic value. And the mnemonic value often develops in to a monetary value. A separate mnemonic sign is a word, symbol, or sound designed to evoke certain associations. …

How will people land on Mars in the future

Recently, Elon Musk announced that he would launch 1,000 spacecraft to transport 100,000 people to Mars. Since Mars is the only planet in the Solar System other than Earth that can be habitable, some countries have proposed many plans for manned exploration of Mars and have created many technical reserves. Moreover, three probes landed on Mars in a year, which again caused the “Martian fever”. So how will humans land on Mars in the future?

Li-Fi is a new wireless technology based on light

Li-Fi is the latest light-powered data transmission technology that is ready to strengthen the existing wireless ecosystem along with Wi-Fi. Li-Fi (a technology that uses light radiation as a channel) provides a wireless method of transmitting information using VLC technology (a technology that allows a light source to transmit information using a light signal) and can be almost 100 times faster than a Wi-Fi connection.