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How to lose weight using hypnosis?

Veronika and Karin have been struggling with the problem of weight loss and developing a healthy attitude to food for many years. For many years, they alternated between unsuccessful attempts to go on a diet and constantly recurring cycles of weight loss and weight gain. They were helped to find balance only by the method of RTT, or rapid transformational therapy.

The ability to enjoy the life

On vacation, relaxing by the sea, it is very interesting to watch people. You are lying, basking in the sun, and something is happening around you. I am always amazed by couples who, even on vacation, manage conflict all the time. Quarrels, nagging, constant bickering. It would seem that people have come to paradise on earth: white sand, all-inclusive food, everything that the soul desires. But somehow something always turns out to be wrong. What prevents such people from enjoying life? I think their perception of the world.

How can I learn to take criticism without taking it personally?

Not many people can accept criticism in their address, considering it groundless, especially if it sounds harsh in front of others. Sometimes criticism offends, humiliating human dignity, and all because it, criticism, is rarely constructive and increasingly resembles a demonstration of the strength and authority of the leader in front of subordinates. Not everyone can make constructive comments without switching to a raised tone and personality, considering himself always and in everything right.

Can you eat before bed and still lose weight?

The opposite effect on fat reserves in the body has another hormone – insulin. If its amount in the blood is increased before bedtime, the release of somatotropin is blocked. The release of insulin into the blood leads to the use of sweet foods, not only those that contain sugar, but also those rich in fructose. So, what should be the meal before going to bed, so that adipose tissue does not accumulate, but splits?