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Google Chrome: useful tips for speeding up the browser

After introducing the Google Chrome browser to the public, it worked amazingly fast and had low system requirements. Over time, he got new functions, began to support new technologies, and began to weigh significantly more. All this affected the speed of the browser. To make it faster, you need to make the necessary changes in …

The Best Smart Speakers

With the advent of home automation, virtual assistants are becoming an integral part of our homes or offices. They serve to simplify the operations performed in everyday life, allowing us to control a large number of devices using voice commands. Among them, smart speakers stand out, that is, speakers that can play our favorite songs …

Light bulbs compatible with Google Home

Increasingly popular because they save electricity, smart light bulbs are designed for remote control from a smartphone or using various voice assistance services. If you use Google Home at home, you will need smart light bulbs compatible with this system. In this article, we will see what they are and how to use them with Google Home.