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Why is mercury so dangerous for the body?

Currently, an increasing number of people suffer from various chronic pain disorders. In Germany alone, more than 14 million people over the age of 14 suffer from chemical intolerance. On the one hand, our environment is very polluted with chemicals, but on the other hand, it is also polluted with highly toxic heavy metals. One …

Dermatology – treatment of skin diseases

Although skin diseases in most cases are not life-threatening (except for cancer and melanoma), dermatological pathologies spoil the appearance and cause symptoms such as discomfort, peeling, and itching. This contributes to a decrease in the quality of life, so it is very important to seek professional help promptly. Today, many Russians decide to undergo treatment in South Korea, where dermatology is one of the most developed areas of medicine.

Everyone has a risk of infection herpes

There is no doubt that the herpes simplex virus is contagious, it is not for nothing that such a large number of people are its carrier. The question of prevention remains open, as well as its necessity in modern conditions. Is it possible to prevent the virus when almost everyone already has it? When it comes to an infant, everyone will agree that prevention is of great importance. This will help to avoid serious complications that the herpes simplex virus can lead to. Mom or dad, whose lips have rashes, should approach the child only in a gauze mask, especially during the feeding period or to swaddle the baby. Washing the CC will help to avoid the accumulation of the virus on the surface of the skin. Up to 4 years old, a child shouldn’t swim in the pool.