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The main reasons why hair falls out

Dark tufts of fallen hair at the bottom of the bathroom or on the pillow case suggest why women’s hair falls out. It is good if you notice this trend in time and consult a doctor in search of the cause of frequent hair loss. If you think such a spectacle is completely normal, then …

How to determine the cause of lower back pain?

Lower back pain has a very variable etiology. If a person has lower back pain, it is possible that he has a degenerative disease, for example, arthritis, or he has received an acute injury. Each disease has several specific symptoms, so you can exclude some of them by paying attention to the patient’s complaints. If …

Belly fat: 7 Common Causes

There are many different reasons why people gain belly fat. Some causes include stress, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition. Many lifestyle changes can help you get rid of unwanted fat, such as reducing stress, increasing activity, and improving nutrition. The fat around the abdomen is known as abdominal obesity.