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The key to success in business

For beginners, I will explain that the best names for a brand are words that are capacious, easy to pronounce, and memorable because they have a high mnemonic value. And the mnemonic value often develops in to a monetary value. A separate mnemonic sign is a word, symbol, or sound designed to evoke certain associations. …

Where to invest money?

It’s not easy to make money, but it’s much harder to keep it. Having collected the necessary amount, many people have a question about where to invest the money. Since the old days, we remember: we invested our main savings in bonds or bought foreign currency. Now the economy in the world has stabilized and …

Principles of emotion management in business

Any company starts with an idea. Ideas are born in a person’s head. In addition to knowledge, and understanding of processes, it is also important to be able to manage emotions. At the start of a business, this skill provides an entrepreneur with tremendous support. After all, what else can have such a strong impact …

What is Web positioning and why it is so important?

This term is used to denote actions aimed at achieving the highest possible position in Google search results for certain phrases and keywords. This is not a one-time promotion, but a long process. In a few months, the effect of site positioning will be measurable and permanent. Cooperation with an interactive agency and a package of services designed to meet the needs of the company will ensure success.

How do men behave during business negotiations?

You have probably noticed more than once that sometimes a person makes some movements with his hands or takes an unusual pose during a conversation. Previously, no one paid attention to this, but if you carefully follow people during a conversation, business negotiations, or during unpleasant quarrels, you will see that in each case a person will behave differently and make different gestures.