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How and why do I need advertising in mobile apps?

Presence and advertising on mobile devices are no longer an option, but a necessity to build and maintain a business. More than 80% of users already use mobile technologies. Today, the mobile world is changing interaction, and the developed mobile advertising strategy will help contribute to the business. Strategy is the key to success.

How to increase traffic on your site?

A paid search campaign is the easiest way to attract traffic to a new website. Thanks to this, the site will be displayed on Google by certain keywords and in the top positions. Such a link will be marked as an advertisement and will be displayed above or below the usual (natural) results. The best CTR (the ratio of clicks to impressions) is achieved by advertising displayed at the top. Unfortunately, not everything is so simple in all industries. Why? When a user enters a phrase to display your ad on Google, you participate in the auction. In other words, you are competing with other advertisers for displaying a certain phrase.