Six techniques that will help you to handle stress in a crisis

When a person finds himself in an acute crisis, it seems to him that the world around him is collapsing. However, before you give up, it’s worth thinking: is there nothing you can do?

Stress in a crisis

Recently, many people have been under stress – a sense of security, stability, and confidence has not been stable, and fear has appeared. In a difficult life situation, fear is a natural reaction. Every person needs to know that his loved ones are alive and well, there is enough money, and there is work. But some of these points today are under a big question. To not fall into depression or dejection, you have to get yourself out of an acute psychological state. Psychologists advise actively using one or several anti-crisis techniques at once.

Routine saves

Daily routine saves

When everything is restless around, there should be an island of security where the world remains unchanged. It gives a sense of security and an understanding that there is still something unshakable in life. Therefore, even if critical moments follow one after another, do not destroy the usual course of events. Always gathered on Sundays with the whole family at the table? Keep doing it! And also continue to go to work and work actively, do cleaning, and walk the dog. Give up at least one habitual point in favor of punky – and the pyramid of life may collapse.

Create an airbag

Today many people abuse those who buy up products and essentials while creating excessive demand. However, this behavior is quite understandable: this is how a person seeks peace and stability. If you are also on the lookout, do the same, only wisely and without panic. Sit down and write down the names that make sense. To stock up on shortly until these goods have risen in price disappeared from sale. Buy them in several copies. Let there be a few of them, but the stock that has appeared will give a sense of stability and some security. Now it is crucially important!

Communicate with your loved ones

The worst thing you can do today is to argue with relatives or close friends. In order not to disband with them in their political beliefs and views, put a taboo on such conversations. After all, the home must be isolated from external storms. Coming home, everyone wants to relax, and not feel like on the battlefield, defending their interests. If someone’s beliefs are radically different from yours, it’s time to remember that loved ones may be scared, and misinformed. Or they just have a desire to join at least somewhere so as not to feel like renegades.

Communication with friends

Respect their opinion, but don’t let yourself be drawn into arguments. Just admit it: another person may have a different opinion. The main thing is that this is my brother, father, and best friend – this is the value of a person for me, not his political beliefs.

Minimum information

In times of acute crisis, it is essential to observe the so-called information hygiene. Read and watch the news, regularly update content, and participate in exciting conversations. All can worsen well-being, deprive you of sleep and provoke the occurrence of diseases. Try the information vacuum on yourself: experiment and do not read the news for several days. You’ll see that your emotional state will immediately level out. You can see more

Find something or someone to lean on

In a crisis, a person is often panic-stricken. What if I lose my job? Lose my money? Will someone close to you get sick? There may be a lot of questions, but there is no point in focusing on the negative. Try to find inner support by thinking about what you have in your arsenal today. You can write it out point by point on a piece of paper; Apartment, car, job, stable income, healthy loved ones, beloved children, reliable partner, parents, friends, hobbies, and hobbies.

Not necessarily to have all of the listed items, but some – will be found.

Taking care of yourself

Instead of wasting your nerves every day, switch to taking care of yourself. Items from this list can be elementary – from a favorite dessert to a hot bath with fragrant foam. What can please you, bring back at least a little peace of mind? Drawing helps someone (think about coloring pages-antistress) and solving crosswords. Others find strength in communicating with animals, and some get energy from communication with friends, knitting, etc.

If you can’t pull yourself together, switch your attention from your person to the person who is important to you. Ask yourself: “If I bring myself to nervous exhaustion, it will affect my child, who will begin to worry, lose sleep, and have a sense of calm. Do I have the right to do this?” Agree, from this point of view – everything looks different. A person is used to taking more care of others, so why not play on this now? A lot depends on your psychological state!

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