Productivity myths you shouldn’t believe

Have you ever tried following some common productivity tips? Have you noticed that most of them don’t work? You may even become less productive if you follow them.

That’s because they are performance myths.


When you are working on several projects at the same time, will you be sure that you will meet the deadlines for each of them?


No! Multitasking is a myth about productivity. It does you more harm than you realize. When you devote your attention to several tasks at the same time, you don’t focus on any of them.

Big goals.

Set a big goal for yourself, and then move towards it. Every step you take should be aimed at achieving a big goal.

Yes, big goals help you focus. However, by focusing all your attention on them, you lose count of the small steps you take. You don’t see progress, and you lose motivation.

Work more.

Don’t become a slave to your work. When you overload yourself with work, you will easily reach emotional burnout. Productivity means getting better results by doing less. You should get results not by working more, but by becoming more productive.

Avoid interruptions to be more productive.

Avoid interuptions

You are less focused after a break. A decrease in productivity after a break is a myth. All people are subject to stress. Anyone needs to recharge their batteries to get back to work with a full charge of energy.

High remuneration.

A raise or bonus will surely inspire you to work more productively. But it won’t last long. After the initial enthusiasm, you will get used to this payment. You can’t expect to get a pay raise every month just to stay productive. Money should not be the main motivation for productive work.


When the deadline approaches, you have no choice but to do your job well.


This advice makes you think that procrastination is normal. That’s not so. You do your job best when you start early and focus on every step of the process. You don’t have time to focus on the details when you’re chasing time.

Permanent employment.

Never waste a second of your time. Since when has free time become evil? Being busy is a myth about productivity. If you have free time, then you have been productive. You have completed all your tasks, and you deserve time for yourself.

Quiet workplace.

You will be more focused when you work in peace. This is another myth. Some people don’t like working in silence, so you just need to figure out what works best for you. If you feel like working in a cafe with all these sounds around you, work there.

No one will do your job better than you.

If you outsource the work, you’ll have to edit and control the whole process, so you’re still doing the work and wasting your time.

That’s not true. Outsourcing makes you productive when you do everything right. If you have a budget to delegate some tasks, do it. However, you should make sure that you hire excellent remote workers.

Remove the desktop.

When you clean up your work environment, you also clean up your mind. Yes, it might work for some people.

However, others experience stress when they are in a place that is too clean and organized. If you like having all your books and papers on the table and you can find what you need, that’s fine.

Learn more.

The more things you know, the easier you can accomplish your tasks. Yes, it is important to continue studying.

Learn more

However, the claim that any knowledge will make you more productive is just a myth. You need the appropriate knowledge. Everything else is a waste of time. You will benefit only from the knowledge and skills that you can use in your activities.

Remote work does not allow you to unlock your potential.

You can’t be truly productive if you don’t have a boss over your head. Don’t believe it! If you can organize your time according to the periods of your productivity, you will do much more work than the average office employee.

A clear plan does not help.

A rigid plan makes you inflexible, so an additional task will strain you. This is only partially true. When you have a system, it is important to make it flexible so that it helps you solve unexpected tasks. When you develop a good system, it will only make you more focused and productive.

Procrastination is a style of work.


No, it’s not. Sometimes procrastination can be helpful, but don’t let the task wait while you wait for mysterious inspiration and look for motivation. Deadlines should be your motivation. Some things just need to be done.

Effective tips will help you get better.

Do you think there are universal ways to increase productivity that are suitable for everyone? This is the biggest myth of all.

Yes, you can find some extremely useful tips for improving productivity. However, you should understand that something that works for most people may not work for you.

Find out what works for you. This is the only working universal productivity advice.

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