Light bulbs compatible with Google Home

Increasingly popular because they save electricity, smart light bulbs are designed for remote control from a smartphone or using various voice assistance services. If you use Google Home at home, you will need smart light bulbs compatible with this system.

Light bulbs

In this article, we will see what they are and how to use them with Google Home.

What are smart light bulbs?

Smart light bulbs represent the essence of home automation because when using and managing them, you can control the actual current consumption and, consequently, save electricity.

Red light bulbs

We can turn them on even if we are not at home, just using a smartphone or using voice commands.

How to use Google Home

All objects and devices working with home automation are interconnected and can communicate via the Internet. Inside the house, everything starts with a router. All Google Home systems also work this way, and that’s how smart light bulbs can be used.

It is necessary to turn on a modem with a good and efficient connection, especially in the most secluded places of the house, which usually remain outside the reception area. Installing a smart light bulb is identical to installing a regular light bulb. The next step is to download the Google Home app to your smartphone.

Google Home

The light bulb will be recognized in a few moments, and from that moment it can be controlled using a phone or voice control. If you want, you can assign a name to the bulb so that you can send a specific command for the bulb you want to control.

The best light bulbs compatible with Google Home

Below is a selection of smart light bulbs that you can use if you use Google Home at home. Let’s consider in detail the characteristics of each:

TP-Link Wi-Fi E27 lamp

A smart light bulb that connects to a Wi-Fi network without the need for external hubs. Dimmable, it allows you to adjust the brightness from 1% to 100% to have the right light for any situation. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant via voice control and allows you to remotely control the lighting. It reduces energy consumption more than a conventional LED lamp while providing high performance. With the Tapo app, you can set schedules and functions, for example, adjust the intensity and brightness.

TP-Link KL110 Wi-Fi E27

The smart light bulb connects to a home Wi-Fi network and can be monitored and controlled from anywhere using a smartphone. With the free Kasa app available for both iOS and Android, remote control becomes simple and functional. All smart light bulbs can be grouped into a single scenario to control them remotely and set the time and days of switching on and off at will. It is compatible with Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant.

Smart Teckin Wifi Lamp

Wide use, long service life, and guaranteed energy saving. The lamp’s service life is more than 30,000 hours, and thanks to LED technology, energy consumption is reduced by 60% compared to traditional incandescent lamps. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, it can be controlled by voice to turn on, off, and change colors. Through the Smart Life app, you can configure the home lighting system and set the desired functions by controlling them remotely.

LED Lamp LE RGBW E27 Wi-Fi

The LED lamp with adjustable brightness allows you to adjust colors and brightness directly from your smartphone. The selection can vary from warm white to cold white (2700K – 6500K). Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, including Echo, and Echo Dot, allows you to use voice commands. Thanks to the application “Lepro LampUX” you can remotely control the lighting and create a group of smart bulbs in the house. Thanks to its power of 9 watts, it emits high-quality white light of 850 lm, which guarantees energy savings of 85%.

Aunics smart light bulb, 2 pcs.

Two 500 lumens Wi-Fi lamps are compatible with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Home voice devices. You can turn them on and off using voice control, as well as change the color by choosing it from a variety of shades of light. Through the Smart Life app, you can set the time and days of switching on and off even remotely. Ideal for reducing power consumption and at the same time provides excellent brightness. The performance is the same as that of incandescent lamps with a power of 60 watts, and the guaranteed service life is 25 thousand hours.


Smart light bulbs are high—tech and innovative devices that can improve the quality of life in the home. Home automation allows us to use voice to perform all those operations that previously required touching switches and buttons.

The future is approaching, allowing us to remotely control all those aspects of our lives that until recently we could only change in the presence. Thanks to the app and voice commands, we can turn off the lights wherever we are, saving time and reducing energy consumption. Today, different models are presented on the market, designed taking into account the needs of consumers. Even from the point of view of costs, they are completely unlimited: you can choose smart light bulbs cheaper or more expensive.

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