Lake Baikal is a unique place in the world!

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is a unique Siberian storehouse of health, the expanse of a fresh lake of crystal water. The basin of the lake is located in a mountainous area, the shores are steep and steep. Old Baikal is about 35 million years old, but the lake is still being formed, constant earthquakes in the surrounding areas form the bottom and expand the coastal boundaries. The length of the huge liquid crescent is 620 km, and the width narrows from 79 km to 24 km. The thickness of the bottom sediments reaches 10 km and is interesting for studying evolutionary processes.

The waters of Lake Baikal are replenished by 336 rivers carrying icy streams of melting snows of the mountains into the lake. The water temperature in summer does not heat up above 10 degrees. Even the ice on the surface of the lake is puzzling scientists’ unusual shape and structure. One Angara flows out of Baikal, the naughty daughter of an old man who fell in love with the strong Yenisei.

Of the 2,630 species of flora and fauna, 2/3 have no other habitats and are endemic. The transparency of the water is amazing, objects at a depth of 40 meters seem to be lying on the bottom just by the length of an arm. 27 unique species of fish, viviparous golomyanka, Baikal sturgeon, and the famous omul are a rare opportunity for fishermen to catch a “goldfish”.The powerful energy charge of Lake Baikal and the amazing beauty of the surrounding taiga attract lovers of active life here.

The village of Listvyanka, as a popular tourist destination, organizes hiking and water excursions, in the village of Maksimikha horseback riding adds pleasure to walking around the lake. The Khakusy resort and the Zagza thermal spring offer people to acquire Siberian health and enjoy the life-giving miracle of nature.

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