How to tan safely outside

Before you scare with horror stories about tan and the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. It is worth saying a few words about its benefits. Sunlight is vital for almost all creatures on the planet. In the human body, it promotes the natural form of vitamin D, which stimulates the strengthening of bone tissue and the production of certain hormones.

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Lack of sun worsens the emotional background of a person and hinders the fight against depression. This explains the considerable suicide rate in Northern Europe. Despite the high standard of living of the population. Now about the unpleasant: in everything you need to know the measure and sunbathing is no exception.

The main risk falls on the eyes and skin. Sunglasses or hats with brims are used to protect the eyes. It is more difficult to protect the skin and excessive exposure to the active sun activates the processes of photoaging and pigmentation. And in severe cases provokes the appearance of skin cancer – melanoma. This type of oncology is dangerous due to the complexity of timely diagnosis and poor chances of recovery.

Risks of tanning you may burn out

Fortunately, there are recommendations, observing which you can minimize the harm to your health.

In order not to overshadow the long-awaited vacation by the sea from the first day of your stay on the beach. Combine the use of sunscreen with shelter in the shade of trees and umbrellas. If you need to leave a safe place, protect your body as much as possible with a hat and clothes made of natural materials. Forget about prejudices and get into the habit of hiding under an umbrella not only from the rain but also from the bright heat.

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Start sunbathing sessions with 10 minutes and increase by another 10 every day. This technique will protect you from painful manifestations. And the tan will lie down more evenly. Sunscreen is not so harmless: the mechanism of light filtration involves the formation of the thinnest film of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Clogging the pores exposes our bodies to new tests. After leaving the beach, hurry up to take a shower and let your body breathe again.

In hot weather, give preference to light-colored clothes. The technology of obtaining black color implies the use of a large number of chemical compounds. That partially penetrate the body under the influence of heat. Leave wearing dark clothes for the cold season. In summer, choose cool and light colors.

Following the classification of Thomas Fitzpatrick, an American dermatologist, six main phototypes of human skin are distinguished. Each type is determined by the degree of saturation of the dermis with melanin and its reaction to the action of ultraviolet rays.

Sunscreen protection

On the bottle of sunscreen, you can find the abbreviation SPF (English Sun Protection Factor) – this indicator indicates the proportion of the total amount of ultraviolet light that has fallen on the skin and is measured on a scale from 6 to 50. If you burn in 15 minutes without using the cream, then the SPF 50 index indicates that after treatment you will be able to stay in the sun without a burn twice as long, after which re-application is required.

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