How to return a site to a position in SER?

For those who don’t know SER means (search engine results). A few years ago, the principles and significance of search engine optimization remained unknown to many clients of SEO agencies. However, today most Internet users already understand the role of CEOs in promoting goods or services on the Web site quite well. As you know, every dynamically developing company continuously feels the need for new consumers of its products. Which is why most of the budget allocated for advertising is spent on creating a website. And promoting it to the first pages in search results.

Interested in the issue of promotion, the owner of an Internet resource may find that there are a lot of specialists offering SEO optimization services. Among them, there may be both experienced qualified specialists. And young private firms just starting their work, freelancers and practicing students.

SEO Optimization

Each of them in most cases promises a positive result in the shortest possible time. Among them are those who are guaranteed to promise the client a place at the “top”. Although experienced optimizers know that in matters of promotion. Due to the presence of many subjective factors, there can be no guarantees.

Based on this, we can say that there is considerable competition in the field of SEO optimization. Both from those who want to promote their site to the first positions and from performers. In such a struggle, the winner most often is the one who offers the optimal price-time ratio. However, it is at this stage that resource owners should be extremely careful. Since the promotion methods used by some optimizers are not always included in the category of traditional, referring to prohibited technologies. Such methods are mainly based on the deception of the search engine. Focused on increasing the position of the site in search results.

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Therefore, before ordering website promotion services. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with all the points of the current license. And determine which of the methods of promotion are allowed by search engines. And do not go against the rules of moderation. Unauthorized actions in most cases will only lead to the fact that search engine filters will be applied to the site.

Banned site

And it is not so easy to get out of some filters, or the site will be “banned” at all. This option can happen largely thanks to your competitors. Who are always ready to offer their “help” in a difficult moment. For you and your business, such a course of events can have devastating consequences.

Most people mistakenly trust unprofessional performers, hoping to get high positions in search queries for a small fee. And in the shortest possible time, which is always very tempting. However, trusting such “optimizers”, few people know that for the site to take a leading position in search results. As a rule, a lot of effort, money investments. And daily work on the site with the direct participation of experienced specialists are required. To ensure a stable position for the site, it is necessary to regularly fill the site with high-quality content. Thoughtfully increase the link mass and take into account the influence of several internal and external factors.

In this case, the result can usually be noticeable only after 2-6 months. And it is during this period that many site owners are tempted to use the services of a “black” optimizer. Which guarantees the same thing at no extra cost and in a short time. But as practice shows, the result obtained using “black” SEO technologies is usually short-lived.

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If the site suddenly disappears from the output, the client hastily turns to the optimizer who worked on his resource for help. However, it is then that it turns out that this specialist is no longer able to influence the current situation in any way. And one possible way out of the situation is to seek clarification from Google. As a result of the response letter from the company, it turns out that the site was classified as search spam. Due to the use of promotion methods prohibited by the “Search License”.

The only way to restore the lost positions to the site is to seek help from a “white” optimizer. Who will tell you how to rid the resource of traces of a “black” CEO. Only after that, you should write a letter to Google, indicating that you are aware of your guilt. And henceforth undertake to follow exactly the points of the “License”. It should be remembered that no “black” optimizer will reveal to his client the true methods that he uses for promotion. But he will try to “seduce” you with short deadlines and small financial costs.

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