Is it possible to promote your website without any investments? Absolutely, yes!

Google search results are separated into organic (natural) and paid (AdWords ads). Every page indexed by Google robots has a chance to be the first. To appear in AdWords, you need to purchase his campaign.

Agreement on promotion

We get a complete picture of organic positioning, learning its specifics, as well as the potential effects and benefits that it can bring to the business.

The specifics of organic positioning

This is an activity that consists in optimizing the website code and its content, as well as building a link profile in such a way as to achieve the highest positions in natural results. Reaching the top position for most keywords requires making many changes to the page code to eliminate significant errors. In addition to changes invisible to the user, such as modification of the description, page title, setting up redirects, removing internal duplicates, when positioning the page in organic, it is also very often necessary to modify visible elements on the website, for example, inserting additional texts, headers, adding links to the menu, placing address data, creating FAQ or blog.

Organic search results & analytics

Sometimes, in order to compete with sites from a leading position, it is necessary to create new, thematically related pages or even entire sections consisting of at least a dozen subpages. The number of modifications that need to be made depends on which keywords are being promoted, how competing pages look in the top search results, and how extensive your website is. Simultaneously with the work related to code optimization and content development, it is necessary to bind the site.

As you can see, it is not easy to bring the site to the top of natural results, and it cannot be done in a day or two. The only exception may be a very small number of competitive keywords for which you can achieve a good rating in a few days. You can see more

The goal has been achieved – what’s next?

Goal achieved- what’s next? What’s our plan?

Google’s algorithms are constantly being improved, and the weights of factors taken into account when evaluating websites are changing (for example, keywords in the title, description, and texts, content length, keyword density, page loading speed, refresh rate, number, and quality of incoming links). For this reason, it is important to continue to take care of the development of the site after working out the points of interest, adapting it to the current requirements of search engine algorithms, and getting valuable links.

Organic positioning requires constant and persistent work, and its effect is visible only after a long time, which in the case of the most competitive phrases can be counted for months or even years. Achieving a position on the first page of search results, especially in the top three, can lead to a significant increase in visits to the promoted page. Some users deliberately ignore the results of advertising links, so appearing in regular results may lead to an increase in traffic on the website to a greater extent.

Job successfully done

Google AdWords

This is an advertising system that displays advertising links above and sometimes below and next to the results of a regular search. AdWords ads also appear on the websites of partners cooperating under the Google AdSense program.

Promoting a website in Google Adwords

Investing in a campaign and its skillful execution can bring almost immediate results. In order for the advertising of our site to be displayed above the usual search results, there is no need to change the site code or expand its content. It is possible to have an immediate effect even for the most competitive phrases, but the acquisition of one user can cost a serious amount.


When deciding on the positioning of a website, at the beginning it is worth buying an additional advertising campaign. Organic positioning in the first weeks of activity may not lead to the expected increase in site traffic.

If you work in the seasonal industry, despite the positioning, it is worth buying an additional AdWords campaign. For keywords that our potential customers are looking for during the peak season. In addition, paid advertising on Google is also worth using in case of changes in search engine algorithms that cause the most important keywords to fall out for you.

It is worth combining the advantages of advertising in organic results and AdWords so that both forms supplement each other and make it possible to reach a large number of potential customers.

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