How to make an introduction in a post that will arouse the reader’s interest?

For digital marketing, the introduction is of great importance, because when the reader processes the text completely and feels satisfied with the information received, the likelihood increases that he will turn to another article and spend more time on the page, which is beneficial for business. After all, he gets to know you much more and at some point may become a client.

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Therefore, if you are engaged in content creation, you need to learn how to create an attractive introduction, which in principle implies determining which of the existing types of introductions is more suitable for your posts.

The main types of entry

  • Narrative or anecdotal: a fragment of a story, one’s own or someone else’s, which by its nature helps to quickly captivate the reader.
  • Educational or rhetorical: enlightens the reader on a specific topic with an informative statement or rhetorical question, the answer to which summarizes the essence of the letter.
  • Persuasive: He tries to convince the reader of something based on three key elements of Aristotle’s rhetoric for persuasion: ethos, pathos, and logos.

How to make a good introduction?

A good post is not always the most readable, and this is due precisely to the quality of the introduction. If you want to know how to compose an introduction to a topic that will not only make an impression but also demonstrate a good grammatical and syntactic construction, take into account the following factors, which are also decisive:

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1) Clearly define the topic: break down the various aspects related to the topic you are going to develop using a mental map so that you can organize all the information and eliminate any doubts. Some people prefer to write the main part of the text first and leave the introduction last, which is quite justified to have a more specific idea and be able to summarize.

2) Approach from the general to the particular: build a text on the principle of an inverted pyramid, presenting first the most important data, and then the less important. If you are thinking about how to make a good introduction, present the main idea in the introduction and develop it with the help of secondary ideas in the main part of the text.

3) Attract attention by any means: for example, revealing the secrets of a successful person or using metaphors and analogies. If you let readers know that they are doing everything wrong, they will also be interested to know what will happen next, and they will continue reading. Another way to attract attention is to start by telling a story or a personal joke.

4) Identify the reader and use his tone: many people who do not know how to write an introduction write thinking about themselves, and they can do it very well, but they most likely will not be able to establish a connection with the audience. If you put yourself in the reader’s shoes and try to figure out what his goals and main problems are, the results will be more favorable.

5) Answer the possible questions: if you interact with your readers, clarifying any of their doubts, without waiting for them to ask you, you will gain their trust from the very beginning. In this sense, try to answer the main questions that they may have, for example, what this topic is about, how to approach it, what it can be used for, etc.

6) It should not be too short, but also not too long: those who do not know how to write an introduction to the topic make the mistake of either generalizing too much, or falling into the other extreme, and writing too much. A good introduction takes up about 20% of the entire article, so if your text consists of 1,000 words, the introduction should not be longer than 200.

7) Use different formats: not everyone understands information, in the same way, so today there are different formats for how to make an attractive introduction using the numerous communication opportunities offered by new digital platforms, including video, audio, or image files next to it, and you will convey the message in different ways.

Now that you know how to make a high-quality introduction, do not miss a single opportunity and start capturing the attention of your readers so that they become regular visitors to your blog or page and eventually establish productive relationships beneficial to both sides.

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