How to lose weight quickly in a week

Probably, every woman is familiar with the situation – there is very little time left before the anniversary or New Year, and the festive to dress does not converge at the waist. The mood is spoiled, and the holiday is no longer so expected.

What to do?

Are there any methods that allow you to lose weight before the planned event? Yes, there are many “emergency” ways to lose excess weight. First, familiarize yourself with their basic principles, and then choose the appropriate method for yourself.

Is it possible to lose weight quickly?

To lose excess weight in a short time, you need to adjust your diet. Get ready to cancel dinner or reschedule it for an earlier time. If it is very difficult to endure hunger, you can drink herbal tea or low–fat yogurt.

Weight loss

Food should be unsalted, because salt retains water in the body, hence the extra pounds. We will have to give up sweets, flour, and fatty. Have you changed your mind about losing weight yet?! If not, then get to work!


A low–calorie diet is the most effective and fastest way to lose weight. It is not easy to withstand a week of low–calorie nutrition, but the result is worth it – you can lose up to 5 extra kg! There are a lot of diet options, choose the most “delicious” one for yourself:

  • Perhaps you spend fasting days. Then try to spend three consecutive fasting days at once, for example, on boiled chicken breast. Boil (naturally, without salt) 600 grams of white chicken meat and divide it into three meals. You can drink still water. The diet is not too “hungry”, animal protein will give satiety for the whole day, and the absence of carbohydrates will ensure weight loss.
  • According to a similar scheme, a 3-day rice diet can be carried out. The menu is modest – boiled rice without salt and tomato juice.
  • Hollywood diet. Breakfast consists of a cup of unsweetened coffee or tea, two soft-boiled eggs, three tomatoes, and a slice of bread. For lunch, it is allowed to eat 250 grams of lean meat – boiled chicken, turkey, or rabbit, one apple, and a portion of cucumber salad.

For an afternoon snack, you can have a cup of coffee and eat a biscuit. Dinner is the same as breakfast, only it is better to replace coffee with tea. According to the Hollywood diet, you can eat 5-7 days. After its completion, the scales will pleasantly surprise you.

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  • The Tallinn diet is a very diverse and fast way to lose weight in a week. All 6 days you need to eat different foods, for example, Monday – 6 boiled eggs, Tuesday – 0.5 kg of low–fat cottage cheese, Wednesday – 700 grams of boiled chicken, Thursday – 200 grams of boiled rice, Friday – 6 boiled potatoes, Saturday – only apples. The products should be distributed evenly over 3-4 meals, and dinner should be early – at 17-18 hours.

Enhance the effect!

Ironically, weight loss begins in the most unnecessary places — the breasts lose weight, and the hated centimeters on the hips or waist do not go away. Massage will not only help you lose weight but also do it in the right places. It is best to visit a professional masseur and undergo a lymphatic drainage massage session – you will find a loss of several centimeters in a few hours.

At home, you can independently apply a warming cream to the body and massage the area of the thighs or abdomen. Wrapping gives an excellent effect – close the problem areas with plastic wrap, walk around like this for several hours (you can even do household chores), and then take a shower.

The effect

Moderate physical activity helps to work out problem areas. If you regularly visit the gym – fine, and if not, then do not be lazy to do morning exercises, and take long walks. Give up the elevator – it not only contributes to the slimness of the figure but also is a great workout for the heart.

At work, break away from business and devote 5 minutes to your figure. Do squats, bends, and swings with your feet – remember physical education lessons at school. It will take quite a bit of time, and the benefits will be maximum.


Everyone losing weight knows that the diet should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor, but few people follow this rule. Therefore, choosing for yourself a quick way to lose weight, remember the simple rules.

  1. Carefully monitor your well–being – at the first signs of dizziness, nausea, or weakness, switch to a full-fledged diet.
  2. Drink plenty of clean water. When fat is split, a lot of not the most useful substances are released, and the liquid will help to quickly remove toxins from the body.
  3. To lose weight quickly, do not go into starvation! Fasting is carried out only under the supervision of a nutritionist, and withdrawal from it is carried out by a special method.
  4. Do not exhaust yourself with sports. The load should be moderate.
  5. Remember, the faster weight loss occurs, the more unstable the result. After a week, all the lost kilograms can come back to you if you don’t eat right.

The above tips will help you lose weight in a short time, and on the holiday you will amaze others with your stunning appearance!

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