How to live perfectly for yourself, your money, and your family?

Downshifting is life for yourself, your health, and your family, often to the detriment of career growth and capital accumulation. Downshifters refuse to fulfill other people’s intentions and desires, and consciously switch from a highly paid, but nervous job to a quieter, albeit less profitable one. They do not perceive the struggle for money and social status as the main goal in life.

This trend emerged at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries in the West and soon became popular in Russia. People get tired of the frenzied rhythm of modern life, and they want to change their life priorities. They protest against the ideals of consumer society, against the denial of a person as a person.

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People who are saturated with material goods and have lost their health in pursuit of them often come to downshifting. They leave for sparsely populated places and lead a secluded quiet life with relatives and friends.

We can observe a classic example of downshifting in the example of the writer Lev Tolstoy, who abandoned the carefree but fussy noble life in St. Petersburg and went to his estate, where he lived a simple peasant life.

The most suitable place for downshifters is Goa and Australia, where there are whole areas completely populated by these carefree people. Ideologically, downshifting echoes various subcultures and religions – hippies, punks, Buddhism. However, this is only an external similarity.

After all, downshifters do not adhere to any ideology, but simply want to live for themselves, and not for others. However, it is not necessary to give up everything and go far away. Many people find an outlet at home. They are fond of various subcultures, trends, and hobbies, join different communities and clubs and conduct active social activities.

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The main thing is that you like it all yourself, and you would consider it right. The main meaning of downshifting is a return to yourself, to your dreams and ideals, and finding free time – the main deficit of modern people.

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