How to learn to manage the anger

Anger is a natural reaction of the psyche to certain negative situations that occur in a person’s life. Due to a large surge of negative emotions (after an outburst of anger), a state of effect (uncontrolled actions) may follow. In this state, every person can do many things, for which later he may be very ashamed.

Therefore, the question: “How to learn to manage anger” is becoming more in demand. Especially among people who, due to the specifics of their work, have to spend a lot of time communicating with clients. For such workers, the manifestation of negative emotions equals a catastrophe. Let’s take a closer look at a few techniques that can help cope with such a strong negative emotion.

5 recommendations for anger management

  1. Try not to leave problems unresolved.

The first reason that provokes anger and irritation is the accumulation of unresolved problems. And this applies not only to the workflow. In household chores or personal life, every person has questions that need to be solved, but their solution is diligently postponed for an indefinite amount of time. And in vain! Such a strategy can only deprive you of control over your emotions faster, especially at a critical moment. Try to solve complex issues as quickly as possible to be able to respond calmly to future problems.

Unsolved problems
  1. Rest more often.

It has long been proven that if a person cannot afford a normal rest with excessive physical or mental stress, then he gets sick faster and loses moral strength. And such moral and physical exhaustion makes the psyche vulnerable to daily stress. The result is predictable: a person becomes hot-tempered and emotionally unbalanced. And this entails quite serious consequences in his key areas of life.

Having a rest
  1. Exercise.

Yes, the most effective antidepressant is sports! It’s hard to argue with this. It has long been proven that regular physical activity helps a person to remove excess nervous tension from the body, tune in to the positive faster and strengthen nerves.

Exercise, Unsplash License

To reduce the level of negative emotions received during the day, start exercising. Suitable for this: running exercises, team sports, roller skating or cycling, swimming, football, or throwing darts. The main thing is to calculate the load on your body correctly so that the next day you do not suffer from muscle pain due to exhausting classes and exercises.

  1. Meditate.

The ancient Eastern practice effectively helps to fight both anger and its consequences. The only drawback is that it will take too much time to get a visible effect from such training. In this regard, sports are more effective if you are an emotional person.


The advantages of meditative practices include the fact that during classes you can use a couple of “tools” at once to “eliminate negative emotions”: aromatherapy, listening to special music, affirmations, breathing exercises, and so on.

  1. Destruction for good.

This technique is for taking emergency measures in a crisis. It helps well at work, where we are obliged to “keep a face” in front of others. The essence of the method: take unnecessary paper (because there is a lot of it in the office) and start slowly tearing it into small pieces. You can even imagine that you are destroying the cause of your anger in this way.

Cutting paper into small pieces

If there is time and opportunity, first draw or write on a piece of paper what you think about the source of your anger, and only then start tearing the sheet.

In both cases, the pieces of paper can simply be thrown into the trash. But if there is no such possibility, then you can go outside or into the smoking-room and burn this leaf there. Just follow the fire safety rules with this option of destroying the consequences of your anger. Otherwise, others or you will suffer.

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