How to help the heart in the heat?

On a hot summer day, even a healthy person who does not have serious health problems does not feel very well. But what can we say about those who suffer from heart disease.

This article will tell you how it is easier to survive the heat and continue to lead a normal lifestyle for the cores.

Do not forget about taking medications for heart

Many people who are prescribed pills that help heart activity and regulate blood pressure, going on vacation to the sea or the country. Forget or simply do not want to take them with them. Which is sometimes a fatal mistake.

Taking medications

Almost all medications for the heart and blood pressure. As well as those designed to normalize cholesterol levels, are designed for regular use for a long period. And taking such medications on a case-by-case basis dramatically reduces their effectiveness and protective properties.

Therefore, wherever you go, be sure to take all the medicines prescribed by your doctor with you and with a reserve. If you have already had precedents with an exacerbation of heart disease. Then always have drugs with you to eliminate such attacks.

Drink more pure water

In the heat, the body begins to work in an enhanced mode, and the load on all internal organs, including the heart, increases. With sweat, fluid comes out of the body, regulating metabolic processes and helping to fight stress. Therefore, it is necessary to drink a lot of clean water in hot weather, restoring the balance of fluid in the body.

drinking water

Why water?

Sugary drinks, especially soda, tea, and coffee with sugar, juices, and so on. Not only will not quench your thirst, on the contrary, you will want to drink more and more. But will also have a bad effect on your health and weight.

If you do not suffer from excessive swelling and do not have contraindications from doctors. Then you can safely drink at least one and a half liters of water a day. If your weight is quite large or you are physically active, then this figure can reach 2-3 liters of water during the day.

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Each person has a daily rate of consumption of clean water. Which will not cause the appearance of edema but will only benefit.

From day to day, such a norm may also differ for everyone individually. If your heart disease has worsened, then you can safely reduce the intake of fluids. And when the period of remission comes, increase the dose again.

Avoid exposure to the sun and overheating

During the heat, avoid being in the open sun, but if you had to stay outside, then be sure to wear a hat. The best time to be outside in the hot period is in the morning hours before 11-12 pm and after 5 pm.

A cool shower and cold compresses will also help you avoid overheating. And during the working day, try to use the air conditioner whenever possible.

Give up bad habits, including food for the heart

The hot season is especially dangerous for smokers and drinkers because of the heart and blood vessels in the heat and without all this experience an increased load.

If you add fatty, fried food to bad habits, which is a direct road to high cholesterol. Then you will simply provoke a deterioration of your condition yourself.

Give preference to healthy natural products, which in summer, fortunately, are available to everyone and are not expensive. This:

  • lean poultry meat;
  • not the greasy part of beef;
  • white fish;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit;
  • cereals;
  • nuts.

Wean yourself from eating salty and generally salting food, as salt retains water in the body. Which leads to edema, kidney problems, and other troubles.

How to fall asleep in the heat

Most city houses are not thought out in terms of heat exchange. The walls of the apartments warm up in summer and freeze hard in winter. In extreme heat, heating up during the day, and at night they do not have time to cool down and give heat inside, apartments. This can become a very big problem for people suffering from heart disease.

To reduce the negative effects of stuffiness, you can install air conditioners or a supply ventilation system. That will somehow be able to regulate the temperature in the room.

Falling asleep in the heat

But remember that air conditioning also has negative sides in the form of constant colds and respiratory diseases. To reduce the harm from the cold air of the air conditioner, install it away from the bed and do not turn it on at full power.

If you do not have the desire or ability to install an air conditioner, then the old proven way to fall asleep at night in the heat will help — just wet the sheet and cover yourself with it. It is desirable to use linen made of natural fabrics — cotton, and best of all linen.

Take a cool shower before going to bed, it will also help you fall asleep better.

Tips for drivers

If you drive a car and have heart problems, then under no circumstances stay inside the car without air conditioning in the open sun, this can lead to sad consequences. Also, do not leave children alone in the car in hot weather.

Which doctor should I contact for heart?

If you feel unwell in the heat, first of all, take shelter in the shade, catch your breath, drink water, and take medication.

If you do not feel better after the measures taken, then call an ambulance, if you are at home and the condition allows, then the district general practitioner from the polyclinic.

Well, if you want to prevent everything that can happen in such hot weather, then visit a cardiologist more often, and also be examined by a neurologist, who will identify and help prevent more serious consequences.

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