How is clothing related to human energy?

Clothing has been considered sacred in all cultures since ancient times. And to this day the importance of clothing is very great, especially for individuals with psychic abilities. Through some items of clothing, it is possible to significantly influence the human biofield, strengthening or, conversely, weakening it. At the same time, with the help of clothes, you can reliably protect yourself from the evil eye, damage, and all negative vibrations.

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The energy of clothing and the main patterns

From an energy point of view, clothing is a second skin, so it absorbs all the energy of both the person himself and the environment. The latter fact is very important even at the household level and helps to regulate the purity of your biofield to a large extent.

Clothing energy

So, it is recommended not to wear the same things for several days in a row, so that they do not accumulate negativity. Especially in an unsuccessful week when life circumstances did not develop in the best way. In longer unlucky periods, special attention should be paid to the energy cleaning of clothes.

To quickly cleanse and reset bad energy, you can ventilate clothes by placing them next to a window or doorway. So that moonlight falls on them (cleaning is most effective on the waning Moon when the satellite has the property of reducing all negative effects).

Energy well-being

In more serious cases, it is necessary to soak clothes in salt so that the crystals completely neutralize all the negativity. Sometimes it may even be necessary to fumigate washed clothes with smoke or sprinkle with holy water to fully restore the “energy well-being” of your second skin.

The negative itself

Clothes absorb negativity not only from the outside but also from the inside. For people with weak energy, often prone to self-eyesight, you need to be prepared and especially careful about the centrifugal direction of the biofield fluctuations. In these cases, it is necessary to clean clothes in the same way as with an external source of negative energy.

And to protect yourself from your evil eye, you can wear a pin to strengthen the biofield from dark streams of any orientation.

Bad energy of renting clothes

For this reason, people with weak energy protection need to be careful about wearing someone else’s clothes. You should refrain from “renting” clothes (and if this is required, then contact only close or trusted people who cannot conceive anything bad).

When buying things from a flea market, second-hand shops, or “from hand” through any sharing applications. You will have to spend one or two days soaking clothes in salt (with the addition of holy water) to remove the energy of the previous owner of the thing.

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