How do men behave during business negotiations?

You have probably noticed more than once that sometimes a person makes some movements with his hands or takes an unusual pose during a conversation. Previously, no one paid attention to this, but if you carefully follow people during a conversation, business negotiations, or during unpleasant quarrels, you will see that in each case a person will behave differently and make different gestures.

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It is especially important to know about the sign language of men in our modern society, because very often when conducting business negotiations or solving important issues with people, we cannot determine how a person is disposed to us.

If you are negotiating in a restaurant or a cafe, pay attention to how the man is sitting at the table. If the interlocutor sat down opposite you, it means that he has taken a defensive position in advance, which can lead to unsatisfactory results at best, and at worst you will part as enemies.

negotiating in a restaurant

If you have a very important conversation and the situation begins to escalate rapidly, it is better not to take risks, take a break and move to another place or move a little to the side, which will let your opponent understand that you are not aggressive and do not want a conflict.

Handshaking, avoiding conflicts

If you want your boss to increase your salary, do not sit in front of him during this request. Also, all of you probably watched how during stormy feasts, aggressive men who have drunk start an argument with the person sitting opposite them. It is best to sit on the side of the interlocutor, expressing readiness for cooperation and mutual understanding with all your appearance.

Let’s remember King Arthur, who gathered his knights at a round table. This is certainly a good option, but there are some nuances here. Arthur was the head of the kingdom, and this made him above the rest in status.

Thus, the one who sat on his right hand automatically became the second in importance, and the rest, as they moved away from the king, found themselves in a lower position. And the one who turned out to be the opposite was his opponent. Therefore, if you are going to a friendly men’s gathering with beer, and there is no king among you, then a round table will be an excellent option.

If a man is sitting next to you, slightly turning around, it means that he is interested in your person, and he wants to get to know you better, and if everything happens exactly the opposite, and you see his back, then be sure that he is not interested in your personality at all.

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