How and why do I need advertising in mobile apps?

Presence and advertising on mobile devices are no longer an option, but a necessity to build and maintain a business. More than 80% of users already use mobile technologies.

Today, the mobile world is changing interaction, and the developed mobile advertising strategy will help contribute to the business. Strategy is the key to success.

Mobile advertising helps to reach the target market and attract users wherever they are, which means that advertising is available to everyone who is on the move at any time. It generates a higher frequency of requests and two-way communication between the company and the user in real-time.

Mobile marketing is described as a multi-level marketing channel that applies all kinds of digital marketing methods to users through their mobile devices. This communication can be through websites, email, social networks, apps, or SMS messages.

Mobile app advertising refers to the display of ads when using a specific app. This helps to support the company’s business goals, and create interaction and brand awareness. And what is important, there are many applications, and each of them can send a message to the right group of users.

Advertising via mobile apps

It helps to reach the audience and users who are using apps on mobile devices more and more time. This is confirmed by studies that show that the number of app downloads is constantly increasing.

In addition to tracking data and targeting audiences, the in-app environment also helps advertisers reach the desired audience. Advertising through apps is a strategy that also benefits app owners as they allow ads in their mobile apps.

Advertisement stats

A large selection of different applications makes it possible for many companies to advertise their brand. It is important to study the available applications and conduct testing, get acquainted with the habits and behavior of the target audience, and find out which applications they use most for their needs. This type of advertising opens up many possibilities.

The difference between mobile sites and apps

Mobile apps offer an attractive and dynamic environment, unlike websites. Compared to websites, this environment ensures the effectiveness of advertising, which attracts the attention of consumers and encourages them to watch and communicate with this advertisement.

Time spent in the app

Applications attract more and more attention from users, and users spend more and more time inside applications, but mobile devices are mainly used by only one person, so applications on this device are closely related to the lifestyle of the owner and his daily habits.

Mobile apps

Such an environment in the application makes it an ideal place for advertisers because it allows you to create successful and personal points of contact with the user.

Because apps can collect data from people of their choice, they can also transmit valuable targeting parameters such as gender and age.

In the app, advertisers can use location information to provide access to users at the right time and in the right place.

Platforms used for advertising in mobile applications

Apps offer a dynamic environment that allows seamless integration of advertising into app content.

This turns all mobile ads into a relevant offer that improves the user experience in the app. When choosing the right ways to advertise through the app, advertisers should take into account how consumers use their device and how they perceive it.

Video advertising

Mobile video advertising is part of a successful advertising strategy that attracts an audience on a small screen. Using the unique qualities of mobile devices, video ad formats can effectively deliver interesting messages from the advertised brand.

Intermediate video advertising

In-app advertising is full-screen and provides more space for a broader message. They have interactive content, visual effects, and videos, which then attract the user’s attention and appear during certain transition points of the application (for example, after completing a level in the game). All this has a good effect on increasing the number of conversions and impressions.

Award-winning video ads

Gaming apps can also include award-winning video ads as part of their product, allowing users to receive virtual goods or currency that enhance the game in exchange for watching video ads. An award-winning video is an effective method for advertisers to get clicks and high-quality conversions and has the highest visibility.

Advertising outside the video

Advertisements placed outside of the video are placed in the content of the application and are automatically played when they reach the application area where they are visible to all users, which ensures high visibility.

Inserted video ads

Video ads in the stream are played before, during, or after the video content and can be skipped. As mobile video ratings grow, commercials in front of videos are becoming an increasingly popular and effective way to attract users’ attention.

Ad display

The displayed ads in the app provide advertisers with a flexible way to scale their campaign coverage in the app environment. These formats provide users with a discovery capability tailored to the unique application context, user behavior, and interests.

Original ads

They can take any shape or size in the app. This type of advertising is integrated into the app, so the user is considered part of the app. This user experience leads to more engagement and an increase in the number of clicks because users view it as a welcome idea or suggestion.

Interim advertising

Interim ad impressions are displayed in full-screen mode during the interruption of content in the app. Since they are displayed in full-screen mode, they are among the most interesting advertisements.

Advertising banners

Although these ads are smaller in size, they have a huge reach, which makes them an effective option to increase brand and business awareness.

The middle rectangle of the ad

Having a greater visual effect than traditional banners, ads with a medium rectangle provide high visibility at a low price.

Expandable advertising

The application combines static and intermediate advertising because after the user clicks the banner turns into a full-screen advertisement. Such advertising is informative and not so intrusive.

As usage increases and technical capabilities improve, it becomes clear why advertisers should invest in in-app advertising.

Additional tips and tricks

  • Get acquainted with the desired application and understand the role of each participant;
  • Influence your ads;
  • Increase interaction with interactive video ads;
  • Interactive video ads are a way to encourage users to work creatively and perform desired actions;
  • Take advantage of the private market and program offers;
  • Buying resources helps advertisers know who sees their ads;
  • Use the best app categories to attract an interested audience;
  • The nature of the mobile device makes it ideal for reaching a specific audience;
  • Access to users of all ages in gaming applications;
  • Gaming apps are an effective means to reach a diverse audience in the apps they love the most.

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