Frozen or canned fruits? Which one is more useful for your health?

Previously, in summer and autumn periods simply it was unable to imagine housewives without all kinds of conservation. In the course were all available “in the arsenal” vegetables and fruits – from useful and medicinal strawberries to simple, but very tasty zucchini. At the same time, with the development of very useful and convenient household appliances, frozen fruits have entered the daily food rations.

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And immediately most women began to wonder whether it was worth spending a considerable amount of free time and cooking canned fruits. Because they can simply be washed and sent to the freezer. In addition, many “experts” broadcast from TV screens about the benefits of the first and the harm of the second food products. It is worth understanding this issue in more detail.

Which way is better?

It should be noted that dried garden and vegetable crops are no less popular among housewives, so they should also be remembered.

Fresh food

Fresh vegetables

To begin with, it is important to note that no dried or canned fruits can be compared (meaning useful substances) with their fresh “comrades”. After all, everyone knows that in such products there is a higher percentage of micronutrients / vitamins, however, as well as fiber. So over the summer, you should try to consume as many of these products as possible.

Frozen foods

The second place is rightfully occupied by frozen fruits, and it is not so important whether it is a store–bought product or a home-made one. Here it is necessary to understand that the freezing process occurs during certain seasonal periods – when there are very few greenhouse crops that are not the most useful. Another question is in which gardens the fruits / berries were grown (it should be indicated on the package), and also what kind of water was used to wash them.

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Of course, if the freezing process was carried out at home, then the hostess will be completely confident in the safety and benefits of the products, in other situations it is worth carefully reading the composition of the packaging and washing the goods before cooking.

Dried foods

In situations where it is not possible to prepare or buy frozen fruits, you can resort to drying or buying ready-made garden crops of this type.

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  • Self–drying should take place according to all the rules – washing and cutting of fruits only before the direct drying process, exposure to a certain time, as well as proper storage of the obtained raw materials.
  • Buying dried fruits is a much more serious process. After all, it is important to choose healthy, nutritious and without any additives (dyes, flavors, preservatives, etc.) products.

Canned food

Even with a full freezer full of frozen, and even “two bags” of dried nutritious foods of this type, every caring parent wants to prepare canned fruits as well – at least a couple of jars. Here, most of all, it is worth paying attention to the preferences of family members, because someone likes peaches, and someone likes “twisted” blackberries.

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It should also be understood that when buying canned food in a supermarket or other outlet, it is always important to prefer glass containers to all others, as well as to read the composition very carefully/expiration date, to protect yourself and your family from poor-quality bad goods.

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