Facebook or Instagram: where is advertising more effective?

Facebook Instagram advertising: which channel should I use to attract the target audience? Check out the features of these two platforms. Facebook or Instagram? If you need to create a campaign to promote your brand on social networks, this question inevitably arises. Instagram Facebook ads and Instagram ads belong to the same Meta group since 2012, but there are many things that distinguish and even complement these advertising platforms. Instagram Facebook Ads How to choose between Facebook ads and Instagram ads? What factors should be taken into account when optimizing a social advertising campaign?

Facebook ads and Instagram ads: what are the differences?

Instagram Facebook’s 2.91 billion active users and 1.4 billion Instagram users around the world obviously offer real potential for advertising audiences, whether it’s increasing brand awareness or attracting potential customers and conversions. So how can you distinguish your Social Ads campaigns?
Facebook Instagram Ads and Ads have in common that they manage advertising campaigns using the same tool – an advertising account, however, both social networks differ in application.

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Facebook is gradually becoming more of a media platform. Users receive information through text content, such as messages or tips. The group approach is also important. Instagram, for its part, has retained its identity as a social network that is more focused on sharing. The content is more visual. Therefore, editorial ads are more effective on Facebook. On Instagram, these are likely to be ads with a refined design.

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The audience for Facebook ads is still the largest, but it’s getting older. Facebook Instagram is easier to find older people, and Instagram is more attractive to young people. At the same time, the targeting criteria on both platforms are almost the same. The audience can be created based on socio-demographic criteria, interests or behavior. Both social networks also allow you to create personal audiences and remarketing.

Advertising goals

For example, increasing awareness, engaging society, introducing a new product and attracting referrals. Facebook Ads is more focused on promotion in the intermediate zone of the channel and is aimed at optimizing conversions. However, both platforms allow you to target a wide range of campaign goals.

Formats and placement of ads

Facebook Ads provides a greater choice of ad formats and placements. Instagram is more focused on images and videos. In addition to the technical aspect, it is important to think about creating advertising in its context, which differs between the two networks.


Instagram better takes into account the engagement, relevance of the publication of the target audience, the volume of interactions with the account, the freshness of the publication, the time spent on the account. Facebook responds better to the source of the publication (friends, family, etc.), its potential for conversion and the time spent on this publication. Although excessively aggressive methods of attracting attention negatively affect visibility.

Instagram Facebook ads: which one gives the most return?

Given these data, the question of the economic efficiency of the advertising budget quickly arises. It is difficult to give a general answer to this question.

An advertising campaign on social networks will be most profitable where it is best perceived by the target audience… and where the social advertising consultant optimizes it more effectively.
Instagram Facebook and Instagram ads are important to ask yourself a few questions before launching an advertising campaign in order to ensure good performance and choose the best buying leverage between Facebook and Instagram ads.:
Instagram Facebook or Instagram will the product be more relevant to the target audience?

  • Is Instagramm suitable for the brand? Is marketing able to offer graphic advertising creatives?
  • What are the goals of the social media campaign?
  • Where will the results of the work be most noticeable?
  • What social advertising trends will the brand follow?

Ideally, testing should be carried out for a short time – from 30 days to 3 months – to measure and analyze effectiveness. On Facebook, Instagram, as well, you can launch an advertising campaign with a small budget.

Which platform should I choose depending on the target group?

Instagram Facebook and Instagram advertising, the main thing is to choose the social platform that is most attractive to the target group. Here we describe the main targeting factors that will help you decide which network is best to choose for a particular market and audience.

Socio-demographic criteria

  • Age

Facebook Instagram is one of the most important factors distinguishing Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Instagrammers over the age of 13 have an account on both Facebook and Instagram. 33% of them use both accounts every day. Facebook Instagram users are 64% younger than 35 years old, while only 40.2% of Facebook users are under 35 years old.

  • Gender

Instagram Facebook is more used by men: 50% compared to 47% of men who use Instagram. Facebook Instagram has the opposite ratio for women: 53% on Instagram and 49% on Facebook.

  • Income

The indicators are about the same. Feesbook users’ incomes are slightly higher than those of Instagram users.


  • Facebook advertising

The audience, which is older, shows thematic interest in such topics as food, restaurants, technology, social issues (ecology, associations …). The audience identifies itself more with the status of parents, loyal consumers, lovers of science and culture. Humorous or polemical content is also very common, which encourages discussion and exchange of opinions.

  • Advertising on Instagram

The audience is younger, more modern, more positive, more focused on finding and sharing good advice. Instagram users appreciate a stronger emotional dimension and are interested in sports (running, yoga, tennis, etc.), art (design, photography, etc.) and current topics (ecology, feminism, etc.).

  • Viewing time

Facebook Instagram takes an average of 105.55 seconds to visit, while Instagram takes 192.04 seconds.
Taking into account the characteristics of the audience of each advertising platform, choose the social network that is most likely to generate useful traffic for the brand.

Instagram Facebook Ads How to choose between Facebook ads and Instagram ads?

Facebook Instagram is probably already clear, the key to understanding which advertising platform to choose between Facebook and Instagram is to advertise your brand on both networks and compare their effectiveness by the same criteria.

Instagram Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns need to define the purpose of the campaign, for example, to increase traffic, leads or conversions. Then, while continuing to work in your advertising account, select the targeting criteria. To compare the indicators, you need to try to achieve relatively the same goal in both networks.

Then choose the delivery location. Facebook Instagramming is where you can compete between two platforms by choosing Facebook and Instagram. Finally, determine the budget and time of publication. Additionally, you can configure tracking tools in advance so that you can measure the results of each ad.

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