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A lot is being said today about thinking in general… about right thinking, about positive thinking, about creative thinking. By the way, there is even a book by the American psychologist Howard Gardner, which is called “The Structure of the mind. The theory of multiple intelligence”. If this topic is interesting, you can order on Ozone, I bought it there…

Today I want to reflect on the thinking of an entrepreneur and, in particular, the thinking of an entrepreneur. The fact that an entrepreneur’s thinking is different is now disputed by few. And this difference helps to make money. There is even such an expression — an entrepreneurial “streak”! What is this “vein”?

The first thing I noticed… This is the desire to be a free, independent person. The desire not to be tied to the place of work, to the time of work, the opportunity to work when you define yourself. Freedom is probably one of the main or main principles of entrepreneurship.

Second… This is the ability and willingness to take risks! Entrepreneurs are those people who constantly take risks. In SM, most of all, we risk our time spent.

Different thinking

The difference in thinking creates opposition in society and this is expressed in a negative attitude towards entrepreneurs. In our society, they don’t like people who are not like me at all.

According to statistics, it turns out that an entrepreneur is one person out of two hundred people!

Ordinary people do not understand … why I do not want to look for a normal stable job, why I risk and waste my time, why I tear money away from my family and invest it is not clear (in his opinion) in what? They can’t understand it, because they are not entrepreneurs… they are people of a different kind. And I have to understand this and calmly treat their misunderstanding.

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There will be resistance. When I go to look for the same people – entrepreneurs, I first meet 199 people who are not entrepreneurs. They are normal people, but they have completely different mindsets and different values. I also have to understand that only by finding people like me, i.e. entrepreneurs, I will be able to create a team of like-minded people and will be able to count on residual income.

The difference between a traditional business is only in what we are looking for. In SM we are looking for people, in traditional business we are looking for money. And naturally, the search for money, that search for people, has never been easy.

Take a chance

Money has never fallen on a person by itself. And if by chance they fell – a win, an unexpected inheritance, then this money was “random and fast”, flowed away like water, and very rarely gave a person a new chance. It turns out that for a traditional businessman, finding money is a problem. Similarly, for a Top Leader in SM, the problem is to find a smart entrepreneur who can build a large own structure. Finding a leader is a very serious job. I started this search — with an Internet mailing list. And what do newcomers to SM want? They are not familiar with SM and its features but think that it’s all very simple. They are more or less familiar with traditional business and know more or less that you need to look for money. But most don’t have that entrepreneurial mindset.

It also makes sense, let’s focus in more detail on the emotional side of entrepreneurship. Can you imagine a large entrepreneur who was upset that he was not given a loan? Or was he upset that he wanted to hire a person to work, but he refused? I honestly can’t imagine it. An entrepreneur in a traditional business is least susceptible to emotions. And what happens in SM? Most people quit this business, precisely for emotional reasons. Most people do not understand that it is not necessary to perceive emotionally the rejections that we face. We must understand that this will happen. We must remember that only 1 out of 199 is an entrepreneur who will understand me and pick up what I do. Moreover, it will not just pick up, but will begin to promote and develop! When I think in this direction, refusals are perceived calmly. I understand that these people are not suitable for my team, they have completely different interests and requests.

Once at one of the trainings, I heard one piece of advice that helps me. When I’m preparing for a conversation, for a meeting… I’m preparing for a new experience! Today I said so, tomorrow I will say 1% better, after tomorrow 2% better … and so until I learn.

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The entrepreneur’s thinking is different in that he does not perceive things related to business on an emotional level. I decided to do this, I see benefits for myself, it gives me energy, gives me freedom, and hope for the realization of my dreams. Why should I let someone steal my dream from me?

The next point of an entrepreneur’s thinking is the ability to concentrate on the result. Entrepreneurs know what they WANT and are guided by the result. The entrepreneur does not say – I have to create a large company with such and such income. The position of a must is not the position of an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur says – I WANT to create a company with such and such income.

When I found out about the main CM tool via the Internet — a recruiting site, I immediately said to myself: “I WANT such a site” and a week later I purchased a recruiting site + mailing list and started recruiting via the Internet.

That’s what’s important in entrepreneurship. But most of them focus not on thinking, but on technology. Business technologies are secondary, and they can change in the process, each entrepreneur adapts technologies to himself. The result is achieved by thinking, and the technology may not be standard at all.

Again, we return to the painful topic… First of all, you need to pay attention to yourself and say to yourself … not I have to build a big structure, not I have to earn a lot of money for a house, a cottage, a car, etc., but … I WANT to become a professional, I WANT to become an entrepreneur.

What I need to do is change my mindset. I understand that to become a successful entrepreneur in SM… I need to communicate professionally, conduct presentations professionally, and conduct sales professionally. This is necessary to effectively convey information to other people, to interested people.

People join my business not because I am a good person, as some sponsors teach… people join my team when they see some value in me for them. I.e. it becomes profitable for them to work in a team with me. This is the principle of business in general.

If I position myself as a CM entrepreneur, I WANT to delve into it more and more, and more. I WANT to know more about this industry in general, and of course about my company, about the marketing plan… If I want to be successful, people need to see what I can already do… and what I can give them an opportunity!

My immediate plans are to develop and learn as much as possible about marketing, Internet marketing, about copywriting, to study new Internet technologies and of course try not to forget that SM is communication with people, i.e. correct communication.

Let’s summarize… What does success in SM depend on? Success in SM directly depends on thinking differently from other people, so I will not seek approval from other people. Even if they are my friends or relatives.
For myself, I have decided and understand that…

  • I am an entrepreneur…
  • I am ready to work and I am working for the result.
  • I improve people’s lives (products, business opportunities).
  • I am ready and increase my value for others (professionalism training).
  • Promotion — advertising…

I follow these principles and skills, I have already achieved a lot and I am sure that it works not only for me. I implemented it gradually… An elephant can only be eaten in small pieces, day after day.

About personal … Thanks to my son (I pulled him to the cinema, for which I am grateful to him) I watched another new film – The Illusion of Deception. Some words and meanings eventually acquire a completely different meaning than originally. A film about people with abilities. Magic is a kind of magic, in its original sense, designed to delight a person, help him rejoice, and find hope.

I will not and do not want to convey the content, I will write only one phrase that hooked me… “The real magic is to take four inveterate singles, with different abilities, different requests, and teach them to work in a team.” Indeed, it looks like magic, but it is achieved with the help of ordinary earthly things.

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