Development of superpowers: a gift or hard work?

Every person at least once in his life dreamed of having some kind gift of supernatural ability to be able to see and do more than others. It is not for nothing that in all cultures the images of such leaders or chosen ones are archetypal – from demigods of Ancient Greece to modern superheroes from comics.

The ability to go beyond the usual level is not only a dream, but also a completely achievable goal with a competent analysis of one’s potential and focus on the strongest sides (and nature rewards everyone, but the main thing is to find your purpose and competently cut the diamond of your talent, turning it into a genius diamond).

Gift or hard work?

To begin with, you need to decide what is still considered superpowers – how exactly to outline that boundary of “normality” and “basic level”, above which a person is already considered beyond the “mediocrity”. For example, if we consider clairvoyance and the gift of prediction, then many people have a couple of prophetic dreams in their lives. If dreams come true regularly (several times a month), it is already possible to talk about the presence of a certain potential that should be competently developed.

Hard work

At the same time, with paranormal abilities, as with any talent, it is necessary to work correctly and painstakingly to get a certain result. Of course, there are real nuggets who do not need to study, but there are one in a million even among the gifted.

Types of superpowers

Most parapsychologists divide abilities by sense organs. The most famous is clairvoyance and the ability to hear subtle vibrations or otherworldly entities. Also, clarity is often distinguished – the ability to read information from objects or people directly, sometimes without even seeing the target and being thousands of kilometers away from it. Intuition is more or less involved in all such processes.


It is believed that the definition of the most developed sense organ or knowledge is the basis with which it is already possible to work, as with clay. For further development of abilities, it is necessary to conduct active training: practice self-purification rituals, train mindfulness, meditate and learn to accumulate energy.

Often the inner self will tell you in which direction to develop. For example, there may be a desire to visit a forest or a lakeshore in order to be energized by a certain element. However, self–learning is a long process, which can sometimes take decades. It is more effective to find a teacher or mentor to guide you along the secret path.

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