Dermatology – treatment of skin diseases

Although skin diseases in most cases are not life-threatening (except for cancer and melanoma), dermatological pathologies spoil the appearance and cause symptoms such as discomfort, peeling, and itching. This contributes to a decrease in the quality of life, so it is very important to seek professional help promptly. Today, many Russians decide to undergo treatment in South Korea, where dermatology is one of the most developed areas of medicine.

Principles of treatment of skin diseases

The basis of the treatment of skin diseases is the study of the mechanisms of disease development and provoking factors. Dermatology in South Korea uses diagnostic techniques and treatment tactics that prevent the development of malignant processes and restore aesthetic qualities.

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Benefits of South Korean Medicine:

  • Use of modern diagnostic equipment.
  • Additional examination by specialists of another profile (psychotherapists, neurologists, immunologists, etc.).
  • An integrated approach to the treatment of such complex diseases as eczema, psoriasis, dermatology, dermatitis, etc.

Treatment methods are based on the appointment of individually selected systemic medications, the use of ointments and creams, as well as balneotherapy. Patients are dealt with not by one doctor, but by a whole medical council.

Treatment methods

Methods used

Experienced professionals not only offer medical and hardware treatment but also assign a separate specialist to each patient. A doctor specializing in a specific disease individually conducts additional diagnostics and, if necessary, corrects treatment.

Specialists of clinics will help to cope with dermatological and allergological problems with the help of:

  1. Radiotherapy and UV light therapy.
  2. Cryotherapy and oxygen pressure chamber.
  3. Immunomodulating and hypersensitizing drugs.
  4. Laser therapy and photodynamic techniques.
  5. Treatment of the skin with special formulations developed according to ancient recipes, taking into account the achievements of modern medicine.

Rehabilitation is of great importance. As a mandatory measure during the recovery period, an individual nutrition program is used, to improve of the psychological state and correction of the patient’s living habits.

The effectiveness of the measures taken is undeniable. A huge number of tourists come to the dermatological clinics of South Korea for the treatment of skin diseases every year. This confirms the fact that Korean medicine makes it possible to achieve a quick and lasting result.

Rehabilitation treatment

Dermatological diseases are a really serious problem for many people. Not all countries provide qualified care, therefore, relapses occur after the treatment, which reduces the quality of life of the patient. In clinics in South Korea, with the help of modern equipment and the latest developments, patients receive treatment aimed not only at eliminating the causes and combating symptoms, but also at eliminating the likelihood of recurrence of dermatological diseases.

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