Carrot and ginger juice: 6 advantages and how to cook it

Did you know that carrot and ginger juice can help you lose weight and improve your health at the same time? It is ideal for maintaining satiety and preventing water retention.

Carrot and ginger juice is a low—calorie drink, it has become popular as an excellent source of essential nutrients that, after assimilation by the body, help improve health.

This is an alternative way to include these ingredients in our diet, as it is easy to prepare, and cooking will not harm their nutritional qualities. Rich in fiber, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds, it is a dietary supplement that helps optimize metabolic functions, while improving the immune system and the health of the digestive system.

It is considered an excellent substitute for commercial and carbonated drinks because it refreshes, and its composition is 100% natural. Today we want to share with you its main advantages and how to cook it at home.

Carrot and ginger juice cares about the health of the cardiovascular system

Due to the presence of natural fibers, antioxidants, and essential minerals, carrot and ginger juice is a good supplement for taking care of our cardiovascular health.

These nutrients help to clear cholesterol that accumulates in the arteries, and at the same time improve blood circulation and artery health. In addition, they suppress the negative effects of oxidative stress and inflammation, two factors that increase the risk of coronary heart disease and heart attacks.

Improves digestion

Regular consumption of this drink can reduce episodes of constipation, indigestion, and increased acidity. It has a mild laxative effect that helps to remove residues from the colon without affecting the activity of its beneficial bacteria.

It also acts as a protector of the gastric mucosa, preventing gastric juice irritation or ulceration.

Improves skin health

Due to the content of vitamins A and C, this juice is a good dietary supplement to improve collagen production and reduce the appearance of premature signs of aging.

Its assimilation into the body improves blood circulation and, as a result, promotes the processes of oxygenation and nutrition of the skin. It prevents the formation of defects such as acne, and, in addition, creates a protective barrier against the aggressive effects of sunlight and oxidative stress.

Prevents flu and colds

By including this drink as part of our regular diet, you will benefit the health of the immune system and, therefore, reduce the risk of problems such as flu and colds.

This is due to the presence of vitamins A, C, and E in it, which help to produce antibodies to fight pathogens.

Their proper assimilation in the body helps to produce red and white blood cells, which play an important role in the body’s defense mechanisms.

Helps to lose weight

If this is due to a healthy low-calorie diet, drinking this carrot-ginger drink can help reduce our size faster.

These benefits are attributed to its ability to improve metabolic functions, optimize energy consumption and reduce anxiety.


Its nutrients help to improve the digestion of fats, and at the same time help to use sugar as fuel.

Reduces water retention

People who, as a rule, suffer from inflammatory diseases associated with water retention can improve their quality of life by consuming this juice as part of their regular diet.

Both carrots and ginger have diuretic properties that stimulate the kidneys to properly remove fluid. Its active ingredients restore blood circulation and reduce inflammation in areas damaged by this problem.

How to make carrot and ginger juice at home?

To enjoy the benefits of this delicious juice and at the same time fill you with energy, you only need to spend a couple of minutes preparing it. Take it when you are hungry, as it prolongs the feeling of fullness and helps you maintain good physical and mental performance.

carrot and ginger juice


  • 5 medium carrots
  • Juice of 3 oranges
  • 1 teaspoon grated ginger (5 g)
  • 1/2 tablespoon turmeric (2 g) (optional)
  • 2 tablespoons of honey (50 g)


  • Peel the carrots and extract the natural juice.
  • Pour it into a blender and mix it with orange juice, ginger, and, if you want, turmeric.
  • When everything is ready, sweeten it with a couple of teaspoons of honey and serve.

Method of use

Take the juice on an empty stomach.
Include it in your diet at least 3 times a week.
As you can see, it is very easy to prepare natural carrot and ginger juice. Follow these instructions and make the most of all its properties.

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