Best places to see in Canada

Canada is the second-largest country in the world and offers many attractions and entertainment throughout the year. Making a list of them is not easy. We have selected for you the sights that cannot be missed in every province. Of course, there are many others.

Tourist attractions of Quebec

  • Snowmobile and winter sports

Quebec has a huge territory, and in winter it is beautiful. A large selection of winter sports for classes. One of the attractions that cannot be missed in winter is to drive through these wild places on snowmobiles. Quebec offers more than 33,000 km of snowmobile trails, which is one of the largest in the world.

Snowmobile attractions in Canada

  • Montreal

Exploring old Montreal on foot is a must. Guests can explore the magnificent 19th-century buildings next to the old harbor, explore the small shops and dine on the terrace.

  • Forillon National Park and the Rocks Pierced

This wild and rugged national park is located at the tip of the Gaspesian Peninsula, overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Impressive landscapes with limestone cliffs and the privacy of the Cap de Rosier Lighthouse, the largest in Canada. Opposite the village of Perce is the most famous rock of Quebec, the most famous rock in Quebec.

  • Chateau Frontenac and the Royal Square

The grandiose Frontenac Castle overlooking the city of Quebec is the most iconic building among the many unique historical buildings in the provincial capital. Place Royale is the birthplace of Quebec City, where Samuel de Champlain founded the first dwelling in 1608. This is Europe in America.

  • Basilica of Notre Dame de Monrealre-

Basilica of Notre Dame de Monreale, built-in 1829, is famous for its wealth of decorations, an organ of 7000 pipes, stained glass windows, and a bluish atmosphere.

  • Glacier Embankment

The Glacier Embankment runs from Lake Louise to Jasper and it is one of the best and most beautiful roads in Canada. 230 kilometers through lakes, mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls. There are recreation areas all along the road, some of which are even suitable for camping.

Jasper Park

Jasper is the largest park in the Canadian Rockies. Visit this breathtaking region.

  • Ski resort

The famous Whistler Ski Resort, located at the foot of the Wisler and Blackcomb Mountains, is the largest winter sports center in Canada.

  • Yoho National Park

Yoho National Park is home to some of British Columbia’s most rugged and scenic mountain landscapes.

  • Okanagan Valley

Okanagan Valley is a sunny place with lakes, beaches, mountains, and gardens. Thanks to the favorable climate, grapes are grown here, and this is one of the best wine-growing regions in Canada.

  • Vancouver Island

Located west of the city of Vancouver, it is the largest island on the Pacific coast of North America. Magnificent landscapes.

  • Point Eastern Coastal Road

Allows you to explore the eastern tip of the island, where there are beautiful beaches, dunes, and lighthouses along the coastline.
Manitoba Attractions

New Brunswick Tourist Attractions

  • Bay of Fundy and Hopewell Rocks

This vast bay in the Atlantic Ocean is shaped like a funnel, creating the highest tides in the world, which can reach 19 meters. At high tide, red-colored rocks carved out of the sea and resembling small islands allow kayakers to play sports in a grandiose landscape.

Bay of Fundy

  • Garrison District

In Fredericton, the British garrison was at this place from 1784 to 1869. Today you can visit two blocks of heritage buildings and green lawns.

  • Fundy Trail Boulevard

The Fundy Trail is a scenic coastal road that lies northeast of St. John.

  • Historical Village of Acadia

On the north coast of New Brunswick, Karake is an Acadian community where most residents speak French.

  • Royal Garden

The 27-acre magic garden is a masterpiece of gardening, featuring more than 2,500 species of perennial plants, as well as a wide variety of trees and shrubs. The garden has an amazing collection of rhododendrons, roses, and daylilies, as well as many themed gardens. Other features are a maze, cedar maze, ponds, a real Dutch windmill, and a wooded trail through old and sparse forests.

Tourist attractions of Nova Scotia

  • The Cabot Trail

The coastal road where Nova Scotia’s highest mountains abruptly join above the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

  • Peggy’s Cove

About 43 km southwest of Halifax, the fishing village of Peggy’s Cove gives a sense of time and is located on the Foggy Atlantic coast.

  • Louisbourg Fortress

This historical reconstruction recreates the middle of the 18th century with the life of more than forty historical buildings, costumed guides, and workers’ buildings.

  • Lunenburg

Bright heritage buildings adorn the Lunenburg cityscape. Ontario Tourist Attractions

  • Niagara Falls is the most internationally recognized attraction in Canada, which is visited by millions of tourists every year.
  • CH Tower

CNN Tower is one of the most iconic structures in Canada and the city of Toronto. Its height is 553 meters.

  • Ottawa’s Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill in the capital city of Ottawa is where most visitors begin their tour of Ottawa. The buildings are located in a charming location above the Otaru River.

Ottawa, Canada

Ontario National Parks

Ontario has many interesting provincial and national parks that provide access to some of the most beautiful areas of the province. Several Algonquin, French River, Killarney Provincial parks, and Bruce Peninsula National Park were named for this purpose.

  • Marineland

Marineland is one of Ontario’s largest summer attractions, especially popular with families. This marine park is home to killer whales, dolphins, walruses, and sea lions, as well as the famous beluga whales.

Saskatchewan Attractions

Prince Albert Park offers a slightly hilly landscape with spruce peatlands and large lakes. Creatures in the park vary depending on the habitat, it is believed that this is the second-largest colony of white pelicans in Canada on Lake Lavalier and a herd of bison on the plains of the Sturgeon River.

  • Saskatoon

The city of Saskatoon is pleasant and sunny. Many tourist attractions explore the local heritage and the heritage of ancient peoples.

  • historical Bartosh

Batoche was the residence of the famous mestizo, Louis Riel, during the Northwestern Uprising of 1885. It was at this place that the uprising finally stopped after a decisive battle.

Sights of Newfoundland and Labrador

  • L’Anse aux Meadows Historic Site

Six houses were found here, covered with mounds, probably built by the Vikings around the year 1000 and reopened in 1962.
Tourist attractions of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut

  • Iqaluit and Baffin Island

The Inuit name Iqaluit means “a lot of fish”. Baffin Island with its breathtaking scenery, Inuit hospitality and offers many opportunities for an unusual holiday.

  • Il de Baffin

Nauhaat (Repulse Bay)
A real paradise for an amateur ornithologist.

  • Northern Lights

The Northwest Territories provide excellent opportunities for observing the Northern Lights around the world.

  • The Great Slave Lake

The Great Slave Lake is the deepest in North America (613 meters) and the tenth in the world by area.

  • Buffalo Wood National Park

The area of this park is 44,800 square kilometers: it is the largest park in Canada, and it has the world’s largest beaver dam, one of the largest herds of bison on the loose.

  • Yukon Wildlife Sanctuary

The Wildlife Sanctuary, located just about 30 minutes from downtown Whitehorse, allows you to observe local wildlife with 13 species of mammals from Northern Canada in their natural environment.

  • Miles Canyon

The rapids of the Yukon River were the starting point for gold prospectors of that time, and many lives were lost in these turbulent waters. Today, hiking trails and scenic terrain make the area a pleasant place to explore.

Emerald Lake

This is a lake in the south of the Yukon, notable for its intense green color, located 60 kilometers from Whitehorse.
Emerald Lake Yukon

  • Forest pointers

It all started in 1942 when an American soldier assigned to repair checkpoints along the road to Alaska added a sign indicating the direction of travel and the distance to travel to get to his hometown, Illinois. Today, more than 77,000 panels are located on almost a hectare.

  • Yukon Beringia Translation Center

This attraction takes visitors back about 24,000 years to Beringia during the Ice Age. You can see skeletons of Ice Age megafauna, including woolly mammoths, giant beaver, and steppe bison.

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