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Report Activity The report action defines the parameters for a single run of the report, which will be used each time the report is run using the action. You can also run reports outside of actions.

Reputation Monitor is a comprehensive email reputation management system that provides a complete analysis of how Internet service providers and other email recipients view your email program. Reputation Monitor offers the information you need to make smart decisions to improve your reputation and speed of delivery.

Importance of report and response

Response Trend Analysis for the Email Dispatch Report The Response Trend Analysis report tracks the subscriber’s response to the dispatch within the time you specify.

Report Builder Create custom reports from scratch or modify existing reports to explore customer data more deeply.

A role is a set of permissions that allow or prohibit actions on an element or a property of an element. If the permission is not set, the permission has the same effect as the refusal.

Security Settings

Security settings allow you to define session timeout parameters, username and password conventions and blocking logic. You can reduce the likelihood that your account usernames and passwords will be stolen, guessed, or otherwise misused by strengthening your security settings.

Strengthening security settings

Send classification

The send classification allows you to centrally define parameters for an email job and reuse these parameters for multiple emails sending definitions. For example, an administrator can create a dispatch classification that can be used each time a catalog is sent to use the appropriate parameters each time.

Send definition

The definition of sending is a general term for interaction by sending an email, SMS message, or voice message. The interaction can be initiated by the user or initiated. The SendDefinition object in the Web Service API refers to a user-initiated email interaction in the user interface.

Preview of profile

Send preview A preview of sending is a rendering of an email as the recipient sees it. After the initial preview, you can go to the rest of the recipients in the list to view a preview for each of them.
Sender Profile A sender profile is a record in which you specify the sender’s information to send a message in a centralized location and reuse this sender’s information for multiple shipments without selecting the information each time.

Marketing Cloud server javascript uses JavaScript code processed by Marketing Cloud servers. You can use server-side JavaScript with email messages, SMS messages, and landing pages. Instead of using a browser to display JavaScript on the client computer, Marketing Cloud executes JavaScript on the server when creating a message or landing page.


Server-side javascript activity A server-side JavaScript activity contains your server-side JavaScript and executes this script at startup either independently or as part of a scheduled program.

A shared element is an email, template, portfolio, data extension, or content area for which you set permissions. These permissions determine who can access the shared element and in what capacity. For example, you can view a shared item but cannot edit it, or you can edit a shared item but not delete it.


Single sending A single sending is an email sent to one person from the API. This function was used before the trigger dispatch function was introduced.

Smart Capture

A smart Capture is a tool that you can use to create forms to capture potential customers to include them on your landing pages. When a lead fills out a form on the landing page and clicks the Submit button, the Smart Capture form automatically adds information to the list of subscribers, a data extension, or an external data source, such as an integrated CRM system.

SMS Lock of Window

You can include start and end times for the lock window in your trigger messages. These attributes prevent trigger sending from starting until the blocking period has passed.
An SMS message is a type of message delivered to a subscriber on a mobile phone or PDA with a text message support.

Notebook work with statistics on sofa business

Social Forward creates content areas in an email message that email recipients can share on various social networks. Tags define the information that should be included in these content areas, and social media links in an email message allow the email recipient to click and share the information. You can identify which social networks are represented in the email in these links, and you can include multiple social networks depending on the needs of your recipients.


Spam Complaints Report Over Time. The Spam Complaints Report over time shows the number of spam complaints received from multiple Internet service providers. This report is divided into time intervals, with both the dispatch and the complaint divided into the period during which the dispatch occurred.

A subscriber is a person who has decided to receive messages from your organization.

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