A man should stand strong

Perhaps one of the most necessary qualities for a man in this life is strength. Strength gives resilience, gives desires, gives achievement, and gives the absence of internal boundaries.

The reason that many correct books on self-development do not work is that the person who reads them does not have inner strength. When I talk about power, I am not talking about vital power, vital activity, or positivity.

Correct books on self-development

I’ve been thinking for a long time about what to call this inner feeling. Rather, it looks like a calm power and the absence of restrictions inside. This calm absence of boundaries gives a lot of bonuses:

  • competence is what you are doing at the moment. many people mechanically try to do something. But if they start asking themselves deep awakening questions or someone does it for them. It turns out that they are not doing it for themselves, or they are doing it. But they do not believe that they have the right to do it
  • people begin to open up to you, and in a few minutes a person in your company feels the need for communication. The need for you to ratify your actions, he is happy to tell you what he does not tell anyone. If you have the strength inside, you simply and openly help a person if he asks for it, give a recipe that can help him at his level. You don’t use the situation to make this person fall in love with you, you don’t create excess potential, it’s all for nothing to you
  • women are starting to feel amazing with you, she says. that they didn’t even know that such men exist. You can answer that they dream about you, just don’t open your eyes, okay?
  • time begins to stretch or shrink, but more often it stretches. You don’t fuss, but you manage everything, deadlines that previously seemed unrealistic obey you. Money obeys you. or rather, there is no fact of direct submission here. You gently but powerfully desire and everything turns out by itself.
  • you clearly understand what is yours and what is alluvial. you become the person who chooses.
Choosing yourself

He chooses himself, his life, and what is important and necessary for him. Chooses to abandon restrictions and do it on an ongoing basis. Not even to refuse, but just to be indifferent to what used to cling to you. When you do what is yours, you become a happy person.

Your desires attract them. Yes, when there is power, you want. Many of us have forgotten what we want or from the fact that we have been wanting it for a long time and have been disappointed many times, betray our dream, and stop wishing.

Strength is the absence of boundaries.

There is a lot of garbage inside. All positive books do not fall on the subconscious, because there is no state of pure power, there is a lot of garbage, and the wipers that were cleaned for a long time have scored on their functions.

Don’t be afraid

There are a lot of things that you just need to remove from your life. This is the easiest way to gain strength. When the third chakra becomes strong, a person ceases to be afraid. Of course, I have not seen such ideal people, but rather such a person does not have anxiety, a nasty feeling that eats energy.

Power makes the path of achievement simple, but full of inner harmony
Strength is your friend.

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