Monthly archives: July, 2022

Lemons in pots: how to grow them

Lemon trees in pots are the perfect plant to have in the garden. Besides the fact that you grow wonderful fruits that you can use in your culinary experiments and already proven recipes, they will make your home more beautiful thanks to the beautiful white flowers blooming in spring and early summer. But what is the best way to take care of lemons in pots?

How to lose weight using hypnosis?

Veronika and Karin have been struggling with the problem of weight loss and developing a healthy attitude to food for many years. For many years, they alternated between unsuccessful attempts to go on a diet and constantly recurring cycles of weight loss and weight gain. They were helped to find balance only by the method of RTT, or rapid transformational therapy.

Best places you can visit in Morocco

Separated from Europe only by the bottleneck of the Strait of Gibraltar, Morocco is the East, in a nutshell, tales of 1001 nights told in one day, exotic… It is not surprising that this country attracts more and more tourists every year. What is worth visiting in Morocco?

How will people land on Mars in the future

Recently, Elon Musk announced that he would launch 1,000 spacecraft to transport 100,000 people to Mars. Since Mars is the only planet in the Solar System other than Earth that can be habitable, some countries have proposed many plans for manned exploration of Mars and have created many technical reserves. Moreover, three probes landed on Mars in a year, which again caused the “Martian fever”. So how will humans land on Mars in the future?